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Nazar Babenko, Anonymously Purchases $157 Million Property in New York

Nazar Babenko, a young crypto investor and entrepreneur, in the summer of 2021, anonymously purchased a $157 million property adjacent to the famous “street of billionaires” skyscraper in Manhattan, New York. Born in Dnipro, Ukraine, and aged 28, Nazar Babenko is currently one of the fastest-rising crypto entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe. 

With a net worth of over $368 million, Nazar Babenko is the creator of a community of other crypto millionaires whose collective trades have exceeded the $1 billion mark. Mr. Babenko is committed to supporting charitable organizations in Ukraine and Europe. With the outbreak of the infamous Russian attack on Ukraine, Nazar immediately initiated a foundation to undertake both large and small-scale evacuations of migrants, medical institutions, and the elderly. Nazar didn’t stop there; his foundation contributed significantly to helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Leveraging his influence in Europe, Nazar encouraged his friends and numerous partners in the crypto space to aid Ukraine in the war. He hopes to create a crypto-based fund to assist not only Ukraine but other countries. 

Unprecedentedly, Nazar Babenko is branching out on other investment schemes. Currently, the Ukrainian businessman owns an array of properties in Switzerland, Austria, the UAE, and his home country. Nazar prioritizes human development, which is why he has a team of crypto traders who, according to Forbes, is one of the top ten trading teams in the crypto industry. With 30 members, Nazar plans to launch a Dubai branch before the end of the year. 

Nazar Babenko and his associates recently sponsored the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix. While the details of the deal are unknown, sources reveal that it runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. As one of the first cryptocurrency investors to partner with Formula 1, Nazar Babenko is focused on cementing his stance as a firm believer in cryptocurrencies. The Ukrainian businessman recently purchased 2500 [$49.5 million] Bitcoins at $19,800, taking his overall holdings to a whopping 3,865 BTC scattered across several extremely secure wallets. 

When asked about the success of his community, Nazar Babenko unequivocally revealed that he and his associates regularly share hidden trading facts with them. 

At our events, we reveal all the secrets of mastery accumulated over many years of work in this field, which allows everyone to find their prospects, contributes to the growth of the team, and much, much more. We share our experience, show detailed schemes in network marketing in the financial markets, and describe the principle of working with a team of professional traders and analysts who will make you a professional and a successful investor,” Nazar says. 

About Nazar Babenko 

Nazar Babenko is a Ukrainian crypto investor and community leader whose charities and foundations have been helpful in the infamous Russian attack. Nazar is committed to helping charities and individuals; his community of crypto traders has executed trades worth over a billion dollars and currently ranks as one of the top trading teams, according to Forbes. Mr. Babenko is also a real estate investor who owns properties in New York, Austria, Switzerland, UAE, and Ukraine. 

Media Contact 

Name: Babenko, Nazar
Occupation: Crypto Investor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Date of Birth: January 2, 1994.
Birthplace: Ukraine
Location: UAE
Net Worth: $368 Million