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Valty Portable Heater Reviews (Scam Or Legit): Does This Portable Heater Really Works?

How cold weather affects the human body:

We all experience cold weather differently. If you are tall, you tend to become cold faster than a shorter person. Taller people have a bigger surface area; meaning heat is lost from the body quicker. Even though people react to cold weather differently, as a species we are extremely adaptable.

What happens when we get cold? The human body has several defence mechanisms to try and boost our core temperature when it gets chilly. Our muscles shiver and teeth chatter. Our hairs rise and our flesh forms “goosebumps” – a kind of evolutionary echo from the times when our ancestors were covered in fur. The hypothalamus, the gland in the brain that acts as your body’s thermostat, stimulates these reactions to keep the body’s vital organs warm, at least until it can find some kind of warmth and shelter.

The hypothalamus’s mission is to keep the core warm at all costs – sacrificing the extremities if need be. That’s why we feel pins and needles in our fingers and toes in extreme cold – the body is keeping its warm blood close to the centre, constricting blood supply in the outer regions such as the end of our limbs. In extreme cold, and especially if bare skin is open to the elements, this effect can end in frostbite. Blood flow is reduced, and the lack of warm blood can lead to tissue freezing and rupturing.

Cold weather can put increased stress on our cardiovascular system. Cold temperatures cause your blood vessels to constrict, shallow breathing, and a slight thickening of the blood. These changes can cause chest pain in people with heart disease. When you’re outside in cold conditions, make sure to wrap up warm, being careful to cover up your extremities.

Cold temperatures can cause problems for asthma sufferers. Cold, dry air causes the air passages in the lungs of some asthma sufferers to contract, making it difficult to breathe. When it comes to the cold, it is not just about being outside. It is important to understand that keeping your house warm during the winter months is essential.

Cold, dry air can also worsen conditions such as eczema by drying out the skin. Even if you may not feel like it, it’s important to drink lots of water in the winter months in order to stay hydrated and avoid dry, flaky skin.

Therefore, use of a heater during the winter is a must.

Valty Heater:

“Valty Heater” is a one-of-a-kind smart mini heating device invented. This incredibly sleek and modern product could be used as a substitute for conventional room heaters. In fact, Valty Heater is NOT a traditional heater rather it is a portable heating device. Surprisingly, it is small. The functional properties of Valty Heater are well studied and proven repeatedly by multiple test reviews. Primarily, Valty Heater stands out among other conventional heaters due to its advantageous features.

Key Specifications of Valty Heater:

This revolutionary device has many specific features over other conventional heaters. Particularly, Valty Heater aids hating instantly as in 5 seconds (not just in 10 seconds). Although it sets the room temperature instantly to the desired level the heater is safe to touch by anyone as it smaller than normal radiators. Therefore, this device is 100% safe to use with babies and pets.

The other specific feature is it is small and portable. Therefore, not like the traditional heaters we can use only one Valty Heater to heat the several rooms. Therefore, this is very cost effective. Holiday homes or hostels can use his during winter to heat their rooms. They don’t need to have separate heaters for each and every rooms.

Being portable and lightweight, Valty Heater makes life much better in winter. Even though there are many portable heating devices that exist at present, the specific features of this heater attract more and more customers today.

Valty Heater portable heaters are becoming widely popular due to their large array of benefits.


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Specific Features of Valty Heater:

Key specific features of this advanced mini heater can be summarized below.

  • Direct walls plug compatible with all 220V outlets.
  • Elegant design that matches any furniture in the house.
  • Three colors to choose between blue, white and light green.
  • Smooth finishes with nickel plating on the edges and rounded corners.
  • Instant-hot heating, you will notice the heat within 5-10 seconds of having the appliance connected.
  • Ideal as a desktop radiator thanks to its small space.
  • Energy savings of up to 20% compared to heaters that heat less.
  • In addition, you can use it in the bathroom without problems due to humidity.
  • The device has a safety grille that prevents children or pets from getting burned.
  • The best portable ceramic heaters for this winter for its power at low consumption.
  • Small dimensions allow you to take it anywhere without any problem.


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Key Benefits of Valty Heater:

The advantages of Heater Pro X outweigh the benefits of conventional and traditional heaters.

Compared to the conventional types, Valty Heater is able to provide heating effects within seconds. Portability allows Valty Heater to function unlimitedly. Usually, during cool weather conditions, people tend to stay in houses as it is uneasy to ensure that the places, they desire to visit has a good heater to provide them the warm. Therefore, people’s movements are limited often during winter days. In such circumstances, Valty Heater comes as an ideal solution to travel in winter allowing people to carry it wherever they go, let it be different rooms in a house, garage, or anywhere. The only thing we need to have an electricity supply to plug the Valty Heater in. Being lightweight further increases its potential to carry wherever people go.

Another important advantage is that Valty Heater significantly reduces the SKY-HIGH electricity bills that may come with the use of similar products of this nature. It has been well proven that energy efficiency is optimal in Valty Heater. This ceramic element keeps the heat a 30% more time. As a result, it reduces the unnecessary and hidden electricity charges compared to inefficient heaters. If the environment is cool, the frequency of usage of a heating device also increases. As such, if the device is not operating efficiently, the amount of electricity it consumes to function will also increase, especially during winter with frequent usage. Simply, the higher the inefficiency higher the electricity usage. In contrast to the above phenomenon, being one of the most efficient heating devices available to date, Valty Heater requires minimal electricity to function optimally, and thereby drastically reduces the electricity bills in winter.

The most advantageous feature of this heater is it is 100% safe to touch during operating. While operating anyone can use this without getting afraid on babies and children.

The advantages of this product can be summarized below.

  1. Heats Up a Room Easily – The portable heater capable of heating quickly that’s sweeping the market.
  2. It heats up to 20 square meters in record time and SAVES MONEY on electricity bills.
  3. Built-in timer: The heater can be programmed to be switched off automatically. This is perfect when you go to sleep.
  4. So silent that you won’t even notice! Moreover, it is easy-to-use: it is plugged in the power supply and in just few seconds it begins to warm up.

Consequently, Valty Heater makes thousands of lives in a BETTER WAY POSSIBLE during extremely cool winter proving significant advantages.

Cons of Valty Heater:

  1. Only available online from the official website
  2. Limited stocks


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Valty Heater Reviews:

Valty Heater Reviews illustrate its absolutely wonderful heating ability in cool climates. Most of the reviewers have given the 5 STAR rating for the product and it shows that reviewers are highly satisfied with the form of comfort they get after using this product. As proven by the stages of product testing, Valty Heater reviews also indicated the same technical functionality of the device making it a versatile product for any chilling environment.

According to the Valty Heater reviews, no one complains about any negative aspect of the product, rather all the users are highly amazed by this portable heater that beats the winter cool super-FAST.

Few reviewer comments given by the users can be summarized below.

  • Richard – We use it to warm up the bathroom and the kitchen, and it is perfect compared to what we used before.


  • Paul – I use it to heat my room and it works perfectly. My room is 15 square meters and thanks to Valty I do not get cold at night


  • Emma – We live at the mountains and during it is very cold all year round. We were tired of paying bills and chopping the firewood. We wish we had discovered this product before! We keep it switched on for many hours and it uses very little energy!


  • Mike – It works properly, I was in between some heaters and this one is perfect, it heats the bathroom in few minutes, it has a timer for switching it off and chilling to avoid that it burns out and everything has been okay, it has been a success.


  • Helen – I switched it on 10 minutes before, in a bathroom of around 5 square meters and it’s perfect. I’m so happy with my purchase.


  • David – It warms up small spaces in next to no time. Low noise, programmable and discreet. I recommend it.

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Positive feedback given by the Valty Heater reviewers shows that people who use the product are really happy and satisfied with it and they want to impress others to try it too.

Valty Heater Price:

Even though Valty Heater is a one-of-a-kind heater, the price is very reasonable and affordable. Discounts and considerable price reductions for bulk purchases are always associated with this product. The price of one Valty Heater is about $119.07. As the offcical website gives a 50% discount for every purchases you need to spend only $59.66. It is important to note that unlike most of the other online orders Valty Heater has free shipping options available even with single purchase. Also you can improve your purchases by buying the warranty for 1 to 2 years with a reasonable price.

The above discounts and offers are subjected to both availabilities of stock and time of order. Therefore, be mindful to carefully go over the timely discounts available for Valty Heaters every time you visit the website.

How to Order Valty Heater:

Valty heaters are only available online through the official website.  Ordering your OWN Valty Heater is a hassle-free and simple process. Only you have to do is to visit the official website of the product and contact the product owner. Information on Valty Heater retail parks and deals, such as prices, discounts, offers as well as latest developed features are available on the official website. You only need to follow four simple steps to get your own Valty Heater at your doorstep:


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  1. Choose the number of Valty Heater units you intend to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Complete shipping information, such as your name, email address, phone number, home address, city, country, etc.
  3. Choose the payment method and enter card details.
  4. Take timely offers available at the time of order and confirm the order!

Please note that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay or any other retail store. However, the purchase of genuine products is guaranteed only by contacting the product owner from the official website.


Valty Heater is a novel innovation invented by a group of experts from the USA as a tool to combat extreme cool weather conditions. Particularly, this device is developed to use in winter. Valty Heater outperforms many of the other commercially available conventional heaters and fans due to its significant features. This device is capable of aiding heating just in seconds. Valty Heater is highly efficient, and therefore considerably reduces the electricity bills. It can be concluded that Valty Heater is powerful, efficient, portable, and most of all it is a super COOL heater!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it plugged into the power supply?

Yes, it has a wire which is plugged into the electricity network.

  • What makes it so special?

That it has been designed to fight Swedish hard winters and low temperatures.

  • Is it silent?

It is silent enough. You can’t even tell it is switched on.

  • Are there any offers available?

Yes, there’s a 50% launch promotion.