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NADRA Card Center Introduces Convenient Online Renewal Option for NICOP Cards

London, England, United Kingdom, October 6, 2023 – Yes, you can renew your NICOP online by staying at home. You can start the NICOP renewal procedure by visiting the Nadra Card Center London website. As part of the renewal procedure, you will be required to give information about your original NICOP card. As part of the renewal process, you are required to upload both a current photo and your fingerprints. This is probably to confirm identity. Details of an attester or verifier must be provided. When renewing, this individual might need to confirm your identification. You can submit either a foreign passport or a Pakistani passport when renewing your passport from one of the nations with dual nationality listed. You must present a Pakistani passport if you are renewing your passport from a single-nationality nation that is not one of the government-recognized dual-nationality nations. You may be required to present an undertaking (called NICOP without a passport) that has been properly filled out and attested by two witnesses if a Pakistani passport is not readily available.

Delivery Information:

You have 3 options to get your NICOP, you can choose one that suits you;

  • Fast Processing: If you choose this option, your NADRA Card should arrive in 7–10 working days. For individuals who require their cards immediately, this is the processing speed with the quickest turnaround time.
  • Urgent Processing: You can receive your NADRA Card in 3 to 4 working weeks if you select the urgent processing option. Although slower than the “fast” option, it still offers a quick turnaround.
  • Slow Processing: If you choose this option, it’s possible that your NADRA Card won’t arrive for six working weeks. Although this option has a lengthier processing period, it can be appropriate for people who do not need their cards right away.

What is the Need to Renew Your NICOP?

It is important to renew your NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) for a number of significant reasons, including, but not limited to For foreign Pakistanis, a valid NICOP acts as an official identity. It is a trustworthy way to prove your identification and nationality in a variety of circumstances. It gives you the chance to demonstrate your identification and citizenship, which may be necessary for a number of things, such as legal proceedings, financial transactions, and official documentation. For hassle-free international travel to and from Pakistan, a current NICOP is required. It is frequently needed by immigration authorities for entry and exit purposes. For Pakistanis living abroad, it is a need when crossing borders. Processing of visas for many countries can be sped up by having an up-to-date NICOP.


In conclusion, it is essential for overseas Pakistanis to renew their NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis). This crucial identifying document can easily be updated online effortlessly and without effort. A valid NICOP is used to facilitate a number of elements of life, including travel, legal matters, financial transactions, and access to services. It also serves as an official declaration of identity and nationality. Whether a renewal is urgent or not, applicants can tailor it to suit their own needs by selecting the processing pace. Overall, maintaining your (NICOP) and applying for Nadra Card Renewal is essential for a fluid experience as a Pakistani living abroad, allowing for easier interactions both inside and outside of Pakistan.


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