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Muitos Presentes Launches Useful Gift Guide To Make Life Easier To Enhance Gifting Experience



San Paulo, Brazil, July 15, 2023 – Muitos Presentes an online gift company based in Brazil, has released a comprehensive guide titled ‘Useful Gift Guide to Make Life Easier‘. This curated collection of 20 top ideas caters to men and women of all ages. It offers a variety of recommendations for different special occasions and according to the needs of different personalities. The guide includes many practical suggestions ranging from household items to electronic devices. The team at Muitos Presentes, under the leadership of regular contributor Danilo Miranda, gave the recommendations after collecting data from a broad group of people.

According to the guide, an electric kettle is one of the best gift items, especially for people who love to drink coffee. The machine helps achieve convenience and speed in the kitchen and gets the recipient to think about the gift giver whenever they drink their favourite cup of coffee. Next on the list is a Smartwatch, which offers people a stylish device that combines technology and functionality with a more organized lifestyle. The device is also perfect for those people who want to monitor their sleep and physical activities. For people who are into outdoor activities, the guide suggests gifting them a tactical flashlight, which also comes in handy during emergencies. Another great product to gift is airtight containers that help preserve food freshness and help keep the kitchen tidy.

Talking to the media, a spokesperson for the store, Danilo Miranda, said, “We understand that selecting the right gift can be very overwhelming. That’s why we decided to release this comprehensive list where people can be a reference point whenever a special occasion is approaching. Gifts with inherent utility are the best as they add value to the recipient’s daily routine. While making this list, we wanted to give recommendations that are perfect for family members on their special day or friends who have just moved into a new home. The guide recommends gifts that prioritize practicality enabling recipients to make the most of their gifts in their daily lives.”

The resource also mentioned cheaper gifts such as planners that, while costing not much, help the recipient manage time and daily tasks. They recommend gifting a wrap sling for newborns and their parents as it allows parents to take care of their children. For people that spend countless hours on their devices, they advise gifting them an external hard drive, which would help them secure critical data on computers and phones. For women who put a lot of makeup on, they recommend gifting a makeup organizer to help them organize their inventory and stay organized. The guide also recommends gifting entrepreneurs and working moms rotating mops as they do household or office cleaning faster and more efficiently.

Danilo continued, “Our research team looked at hundreds of gifts that we later narrowed down to the best 20. We collected feedback from people to ensure there was no bias involved. This helped us create target personas for gifts we would recommend. For instance, Smart Bulb is a perfect fit for tech lovers as it helps turn residences into smart homes remotely controlled via a smartphone app. These intelligent bulbs can also help people save on their energy bills as they can be programmed to shut down automatically. If your friend or family lover has a habit of forgetting to turn the lights off, then this is an ideal gift for them. For those looking to enhance their entertainment experience, the Google Chromecast 3 is an excellent choice. This device transforms any HDMI-enabled television into a smart TV, allowing for seamless streaming of platforms and access to a wide range of music apps.

Moreover, a wireless keyboard is a practical gift for individuals who work or study in space-restricted environments or want mobility in their daily lives regarding their tech. We also recommend gifting a portable charger as its essential and indispensable accessory for travel, outings, or everyday work. They will ensure one never runs out of battery on digital devices.”

Next on the list is a Tramontina knife set, widely recognized for its quality and durability. This set includes knives essential for any kitchen, ensuring the recipient incorporates them in food preparation. The gift is perfect for newly married couples and women on occasions such as Mother’s Day. Another helpful item is a package sealer, which addresses the challenges of improper food preservation in the kitchen. By eliminating the need for excessive use of airtight containers, this product helps maintain the freshness of food items.

He added, “Another target persona we looked at very closely was people wanting to improve their health. We recommend giving them an ultrasonic humidifier to help them regulate and improve indoor air humidity, making a significant difference in closed environments, especially during dry seasons or in regions with low humidity levels. The guide also suggests a rubber clamp, as it is a perfect gift for active individuals who enjoy exercising. The armband allows people to securely attach their smartphones to their arms while participating in physical activities such as weight lifting, running, and sports. We also recommend thermal bottles that people can use to enjoy ice-cold water or hot tea and stay hydrated.

The site also has other guides that people can read for free, including Gifts for Those Who Have Everything: Creative and Innovative Ideas and Decorative Gifts: 15 Creative and Economic Ideas.

People interested in reading the complete Muitos PresPresentee’st guide and who want to check out the available options can visit their site today.

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Muitos Presentes is a Brazil-based company which provides a comprehensive range of personalized gifts for every occasion. They frequently release guides to help people find the ideal gifts for different events.


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