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Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan To Launch Several Music Projects After 5 Years Of Hiatus

Image Credit : Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan

Starting out as a guitarist, vocalist and drummer in his various band ranging from Punk to Rock to Jazz in his middleschool to highschool time. Transitioned to be a DJ in his college by releasing many tracks and album in the Electronic Dance Music scene. Then suddenly decided to stop performing in 2017 to focus on studio production as a Ghost Producer for other artists. Indonesian Songwriter, Record Producer, Singer, DJ and Multi-Instrumentalist Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan to launch several Music Projects after 5 years of hiatus.

In a string of Tweets from Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan, he described how his music project is completely different from his earlier works. He crypticly said “New Things. Different. TBA.” without any clear context even timeframe. But we know it’s must be about Music.

It could be in the form of anything, EDM, Band, Solo or all of them at once. What we can do is waiting to what Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan has been really up to. And hopefully it’s a fresh sound and be a good news for the Music Industry.