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Move Over NFTs, Blockchain Pixel Art is Here

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS and SAN FRANCISCO —November 9th, 2022 — The Peercoin Foundation launches Immutable.place, a collaborative pixel art canvas hosted on Peercoin, the original proof-of-stake blockchain.

Immutable.place is inspired by the popular r/place by Reddit and the Million Dollar Homepage. Users can place colored pixels on a 1000×1000 canvas to create their own artwork. Add your favorite video game characters or create something entirely new. Businesses are free to use the canvas as an advertising billboard. Place your name and logo on the canvas to expose users to your brand. It’s an open canvas, just be creative!

Immutable.place is unique because it decentralizes the process of placing colored pixels and immortalizes the artwork via the blockchain. The website, featuring an open canvas of 1 million pixels, is nothing more than a window allowing users to visualize the artwork stored on the blockchain.

Anyone with peercoin can produce artwork on the canvas. Every pixel offers a choice of 16 colors, and each color has its own unique peercoin address. Users select a color by spending peercoins to its address, where the peercoins are burned. Users can outbid each other to replace colors, and the highest balance wins. At the time of this writing, it costs around $0.50 cents to paint 100 pixels, as long as you are painting blank pixels and only paying the minimum network fee.

The developer of Immutable.place MatthewLM says:

“Whilst there are numerous collaborative pixel art projects, Immutable.place is hosted on the blockchain, allowing people to independently verify and reproduce the pixel art from the blockchain itself by querying the balance of addresses. Immutable.place will live forever, replicated thousands of times over the Internet.”

You can see the canvas at Immmutable.place. If you need help getting started, check out this short video tutorial, or the more detailed written tutorial. We also have an #immutableplace channel on our Discord for organizing artwork.

About Peercoin

Peercoin is the original Proof-of-Stake blockchain. It is a decade old, fairly distributed, open-source and community driven project. Peercoin is designed around the concepts of energy and economical sustainability, both made possible by its innovation of Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Peercoin is a peer-to-peer protocol in the truest sense, because unlike most blockchains, all coin owners have the power to run a full node, produce blocks, and earn peercoin as a reward. Proof-of-stake is used for Peercoin’s blockchain security, while proof-of-work is only used to distribute new coins for the purpose of creating a wider distribution. Peercoin’s Project Leader Peerchemist says:

“Peercoin has the important distinction of having a continuous distribution of new coins, ten years after its launch in 2012. And Peercoin’s innovation of proof-of-stake, used to maintain chain security, makes it energy efficient and decentralized.”

Since Peercoin is over a decade old due to its focus on sustainability, it is the perfect blockchain to host immutable.place on. The stability provided by the Peercoin blockchain guarantees the pixel art is decentralized and viewable for many decades to come.

About Peercoin Foundation

Immutable.place was sponsored by the Peercoin Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2018 with the mission of promoting and supporting the continued development and overall progression of the Peercoin project.

Official Links:

Website – https://immutable.place

Video Tutorial – https://youtu.be/Gkr8utQPqM4

Written Tutorial – https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/41602

Peercoin Website – https://www.peercoin.net/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PeercoinPPC

Forum – https://talk.peercoin.net/

Telegram – https://telegram.me/peercoin

Discord – https://discord.gg/m294ReV

Foundation – https://www.peercoin.net/foundation


Contact Information:

Email: foundation@peercoin.net