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MotionGility Performs Marketing Using Videos That Have Revolutionized the Modern Industries

North Wales, United States, October 05, 2023- For obvious reasons, modern marketing is complex. Despite the products being more user-friendly than ever today, their acceptance and usage in the market are limited to a closed-range audience.

The major problem is the comprehension of the product and lack of need in the traditional lifestyle of the generic audience. Most people still prefer traditiona methods as they have no idea about modern tech products’ ease and pocket-saving capabilities.

This has created a huge challenge for classic marketing experts to get the word out about their products and generate a good ROI on them. But with the rise in tech evolutions and social media usage, humans are shifting towards videos as a prime content choice across the web.

Videos have not only dominated social media but are also now at the top of quite a few search queries on the SERP. Businesses are directing their efforts to be creative and create videos with all sorts of resources available to them.

57% of small and medium-sized businesses are relying on internal resources to create videos while 24% of the enterprises are investing in high-end video resources [Statistics Source] to create brilliant campaigns that generate incredible ROI. 

Now, this is being done by making sure the campaigns not only advertise the product but also ensure building product acceptance in the market. Certainly, there’s no easy way to do this except by pouring all the creativity and thoughts into one campaign that makes you stand out.

Besides MarTech, Cloud Tech Giants are organizing educational hubs and campaigns to spread the word about their products to not only marketers but also marketing students.

The race among the cloud service providers in the B2B space is a long-running phenomenon and all Software-as-a-Service [SaaS], Platform-as-a-Service [PaaS], and Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS] cloud-product owners are struggling in the competition because of strategic limitations and similar product specifications.

Apart from this, product owners also face difficulties while bridging the gap and aligning brand and overall marketing goals with concerned stakeholders such as investors, shareholders, leadership, and customers at last.

Achieving these priorities often requires them to establish crisp communication guidelines throughout the organizational hierarchy.

However, AWS’s strategic long-term plan opened many exciting opportunities for small service providers. The AWS academy became the hub of educational videos, improving acceptance in the present market and ensuring AWS has been the top analytical and infrastructure choice of marketers for ages. 

Many other brands such as Google, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, IBM, SAP, etc., have leveraged the power of videos, marketed their products, and convinced target audiences about the numerous benefits of using their products.

Platform/product marketing through tech animated videos has enabled brands to reach millions of small & medium business enterprises. Amidst the jargon-stuff world, many brands have been using such videos to demonstrate their product’s functionality by breaking down complexities into digestible terms.

Example of an Animated Tech Video:- Workhall | Animated Technology Explainer Video | SaaS Product Video

Now for brands, this enhances their user communication which for them, becomes a crucial point as far as user experience is concerned. It’s mainly because for cloud service providers, making it easy for their audience to comprehend their complex product comes first, and second, converting them into customers.

Thus, it won’t be hard to conclude that videos are a great choice to market modern technologies. They not only help improve comprehension but also make sure the product is hyped in the market. 

To say the least, they have revolutionized the way we see modern tech and surely with the amount of time people spend consuming video content, it makes them a great choice to reach billions.


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