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Most Popular Types of Water Hog Floor Mats- From Classic to Fashion


Let me introduce you to a matting type that has taken the industry by storm with its outstanding products – Water Hog. When it comes to quality floor mats, Water Hog mats have truly made a name for themselves. These mats are renowned for their durability and strength, crafted from top-notch materials that can withstand even the toughest of environments. Whether it’s heavy foot traffic or challenging conditions, Water Hog mats have got you covered. No wonder they have gained immense popularity in the matting world!

Get Ready to Discover the Diverse World of Water Hog Mats!

You must be thinking that choosing the water hog mats means you’ll have limited options. But hold on, the world of water hog mats is not limited to just a few types. It’s not that a workhorse cannot be fashionable. Instead, it’s full of delightful surprises. There’s a whole variety of different kinds of water hog mats available according to your specific preferences. So, sit back and delve into the world of varieties of water hog mats we are going to discuss below. It’ll definitely help you choose the right one. 

Water Hog Classic Mats

Water hog classic mats have become a renowned and top-most choice of everyone as entrance mats. These mats are made up of polypropylene fabric and come up with SBR rubber backing that is effective in repelling dirt, debris and moisture when put in place. It’s not just that. These mats contain a unique water dam border that holds upto 1.5 gallon of liquid square per yard. Additionally, they are made up of 20% of recycled material which makes them kind of eco-friendly choice. These qualities make them a perfect choice as indoor or outdoor mats and are specifically recommended for hotels, buildings or commercial spaces. 

Water Hog Fashion Mats

Next come the water hog fashion mats being the second most popular choice. These mats are crafted with stain-resistant polypropylene fabric which dries quickly and will not fade or rot with time. However, these are similar to classic mats in terms of having a water dam border that contains upto 1.5 gallon of liquid. Due to their intricate waffle pattern, they are really aggressive in scraping dirt from shoes while making them clean. To clean them, you can simply vacuum, hose off or use extraction cleaning techniques. 

Water Hog Masterpiece Mats

Water hog masterpiece mats are specifically used for medium to heavy foot traffic spaces whether commercial or residential areas. They are known to be commercial grade mats. Due to their basketweave design, they perform well in removing and repelling dirt and moisture. Furthermore, they contain a reinforced rubber backing that ensure durability, stability and slip-resistance. 

Water Hog Custom Logo Mats

Water hog logo mats are widely being used for commercial and marketing purposes. They are known to be the matting industry’s most popular mats due to being durable and beautiful mats for any workplace. They are crafted with robust molded rubber backing that ensures any curling or cracking in all seasons. Due to their high-quality, there are no chances that your logo will fade away. So, it can be a perfect marketing tool to impress visitors at first sight. 

Water Hog Eco Mats

Here come the water hog eco mats. These mats are contrarily popular due to their construction from 100% recycled polythene or polypropylene fabrics. This 100% recycled construction of these mats offer a certified green environment for those who are eco-conscious. Similar to other mats it has a molded bi-level surface that works effectively in keeping the environment clean. However these water hog eco mats include, water hog eco elite mats, water hog eco premier mats, water hog eco grand premier and water hog eco premier fashion mats. 

Water Hog Plus Mats

Water hog Plus Mats feature a durable nitrile rubber backing that provides long-lasting flexibility, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas. These mats excel in maintaining their shape and laying flat even with frequent use. With their unique swirl pattern, they effectively remove dirt and debris from shoes, ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Water Hog Windmill Mats

Water hog Windmill Mats are designed with a distinctive windmill pattern that adds an aesthetic appeal to any entrance. These mats are made with a high-quality nitrile rubber backing, guaranteeing durability and flexibility even in high-traffic areas. The windmill pattern effectively works as raised multi directional scraping that traps dirt and moisture, preventing them from being tracked indoors. Water hog Windmill Mats are an excellent choice for enhancing the visual appeal of your space while keeping it clean and safe.


In conclusion, the wide variety of Water hog mats available in the market ensures that there is a suitable option for every specific need. From the classic waffle pattern of Water hog Classic Mats to the durable and visually appealing designs of Water hog Plus and Windmill Mats, each type serves a different purpose while effectively addressing the challenges of dirt, debris, and moisture. Ultimately, the choice of which Water hog mat to select depends on your specific requirements, and rest assured that whichever type you choose, you can count on its reliability and effectiveness.