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MOSDEX Arbitrage Platform Offers Staking Service to Individuals

Following the successful development of core software program processing for the Moscow Stock Exchange, Mosdex- Finland’s first combined digital asset arbitrage platform- is offering flexible crypto staking service for individuals. With the aim of simplifying access to a reliable passive income stream for consumers, the fastest-growing crypto arbitrage platform believes that individuals can also play a role in protecting their assets by staking BTC and USDT.

Using the arbitrage method, mostly used by financial institutions, banks, and foreign exchange markets, the newly founded brokerage process development company plans to provide users the ability to run transactions smoothly and safely. In simple words, using crypto staking service individual traders can buy a digital asset on one exchange and sell it immediately on another exchange effortlessly and collect crypto assets steadily. Visualizing the challenges individuals face while engaging in crypto arbitrage, like minimum thresholds, liquidity shortages, and high transaction costs, Mosdex is offering highly advanced technology to remove all these obstacles effortlessly.

“It is based on technology that developed the arbitration process of brokerage and agency,” said the company adding, “The most modern MOSDEX process will be applied to crypto-currency.”

“The new procedure was successfully implemented,” said the company while announcing the foray into the crypto arbitrage space adding that the new procedure makes arbitrage trades faster, safer, and more accurate.

Crypto staking, an activity of locking or holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet for a certain period to participate in a proof-of-stake-based (PoS) blockchain system, is gaining currency as investors are exploring more and more opportunities to diversify the portfolio and broaden passive income stream. Most importantly, a crypto staking solution comes with the added advantage of high transaction speed.

Crypto staking service that the Mosdex platform offers to individuals has a higher potential of earning through arbitration as compared to direct arbitration from the crypto market. Since the company supports the Bitcoin arbitrage platform, professional crypto arbitrators can earn much higher. Based on the idea of share-and-grow, the Profit Sharing Model (PSM) of the platform offers to those supporting the growth of the platform.

Unlike traditional platforms, it offers easy access to crypto space with a low entry barrier. In just a few clicks one could start generating passive income without investing fortunes. Most importantly, staking is energy efficient.

Mosdex is currently the fastest growing crypto arbitrage platform in Europe, The company uses blockchain technology, so the resulting benefits of cost reduction, administrative simplification, ease of access, and of course, security will help it expand much faster in new economies.

Following the successful operation of arbitrage service for small and medium enterprises, Mosdex aims to broaden its reach by making the staking service available to individual investors looking for an additional passive income stream.

“Many veterans of the cryptocurrency space are aware of arbitrage and have been using it for years as a way to generate passive income. It’s a bit more difficult for those new to crypto, so we decided to simplify the process and make this opportunity accessible to more people,” said Emmett Joseph, CEO, Mosdex.

Equipped with safe and scalable technology, Mosdex’s flexible arbitrage staking service makes it possible even for amateurs to dynamically adjust and optimize staking yield proportionally based on utilization. Currently, users have flexible arbitrage staking available for BTC and USDT.  According to the company official, more cryptocurrencies will be introduced to the platform, but that will be done following a rigorous identification process of high-liquid assets with an excellent track record.

Technological simplification makes it easier for users to use Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) and Decentralized Finance service with full assurance of safety.

The tech major with a highly experienced and diversified team aims to offer the finest crypto arbitrage staking experience to clients with the profit sharing model. Amidst growing concern over carbon footprint, when all major crypto exchanges are under pressure to improve energy efficiency, Mosdex is a ray of hope as it is more energy efficient. As the company expands its user base across all major economies, it is likely to grow big and profitable in a short span of time.

The company is confident of expansion and profitability as the new model incentivizes staking participants as they share the revenue generated by them. The user-base expansion will lead to more successful transactions, the company believes. Transparency is at the core of arbitrage staking service, and Mosdex says if there is no revenue generated, it will not claim any revenue share, and above all, no fees would be charged. Those aiming for higher earnings, have Locked Savings, but they have to lock their savings for a defined period.

Additionally, the user will get quality information about current market dynamics and accordingly strategize crypto staking in a better way to maximize passive income with minimum risk.