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More flights from Etihad to major European hubs this summer

About Etihad Airways

Ranking after the emirates, the second-largest air carrier in the United Arab Emirates is Etihad Airways. The headquarters of Etihad is located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, close to the airport there. Etihad Airways has grown substantially in a short period, much like the unbelievable rate of development in Abu Dhabi. The goal of Etihad Airways is to establish itself as the world’s finest airline by using Abu Dhabi as a hub.

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What are the travel classes available on Etihad Airways?

The Etihad flight booking allows the passengers to book four ticket classes such as:

  • Residence: The Residence class is available; one or two passengers can travel in the cabin, with an area of about 11 m2. There is a bedroom, private living room, bathroom, sofa, TV, and personal butler in the house.


  • First Class:First class has two main sections, the First Suite and the First Apartment, each with nine seats arranged one to one-across the aisle. The cabin area of the class is furnished with a recliner, an ottoman, a TV, a bar and a vanity cabinet. Only the Airbus A380 offers First Apartment, which is the world’s most luxurious and innovative first class.


  • Business Class: The Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-9 both offer business class seating. A recliner that can be made into a completely flat bed and a TV monitor is included in the space.


  • Economy Class:Though the price levels in Economy Class are relatively low, the services will meet passengers’ needs with roomy, comfortable seats and a contemporary touch screen outfitted with a variety of engaging entertainment options. Passengers will be provided with the most effective methods of enjoying their business or vacation, regardless of the class they choose. Diamond First Class and Pearl Business Class are available on Abu Dhabi flights.

Etihad Airways’ in-flight services

Etihad always treats passengers with warmth and a commitment to the principles of Arabian hospitality. The airline also improves Abu Dhabi’s standing as a premier travel and business hub. With premium goods and cutting-edge service options like onboard food, chef and beverage managers, and flying nannies, the airline has introduced several signature travel experiences.

The airline employs a cutting-edge in-flight audio system with a wide range of fascinating sound quality, video, and picture media to help travellers stay entertained on long-haul Etihad flights without getting bored. The Boeing 777-200LR, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, and Boeing 777-300ER all have an in-flight telephone feature. The official in-flight magazine, Atlas, is an excellent option for those who dislike media. With the newest beauty products, perfumes, designer labels, brilliant beauty products, and sparkling jewels, the duty-free onboard boutique will help travellers who enjoy shopping.

On a few of Etihad’s long- and ultra-haul flights, meals are served. Passengers can choose from a variety of snacks, beverages, and in-flight amenities. In the top hotels and eateries around the world, these dishes are made by skilled professionals.

Other services

  • Baggage allowances: One piece of hand luggage weighing 7 kg with maximum dimensions of 50 cm by 40 cm by 25 cm, which include wheels and handles, and one private item such as a laptop bag, a handbag, or same-size items weighing below 5 kg are permitted on Etihad Airways’ economy class flights.

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  • Etihad Airways online check-in service: There is an Etihad online check-in option for flights run by Etihad Airways but not a partner airline. With a few easy steps to select a favorite seat and make copies of a boarding pass, the service will reduce the amount of time travelers spend in airport check-in lines. You can check in online for up to 48 hours until your flight takes off.


  • Etihad check-in: Three hours before the departure time, the check-in counters open and it is four hours prior for flights from Abu Dhabi. Except for passengers travelling in Diamond First Class and Pearl Business Class in Abu Dhabi, check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.

The newest flights to Portugal and other places in Europe

This summer, Etihad Airways will add new regular flight between Abu Dhabi and Lisbon, from in July 2023, to broaden its European network.

In time for the summer vacations, the airline will offer 3 weekly flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays from Abu Dhabi to the capital of Portugal. This summer, Etihad Airways will resume service to Mykonos, a well-known Greek island, and Málaga on the Spanish Costa del Sol. Etihad Airways is planning to connect 21 destinations in Europe, with 160 weekly flights and 20% more seats than in 2022.

The Etihad Mobile App is another simple and practical way to book your Etihad flight booking, check-in, or check the status of a flight before takeoff to prevent unforeseen events. With internet-capable mobile devices, it is more practical to obtain mobile boarding passes.