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MobileAppDaily Uncovers The Top 15 Blockchain Companies That Will Lead USA’s Decentralization In 2024

Delhi, India, September 20, 2023 – The recent move towards the decentralized ecosystem, commonly called Web 3.0, has empowered entrepreneurs to develop a resilient, structured, and transparent distributed system that automates ROI optimization. With this awareness spreading like wildfire, leading businesses in the USA, of which 46% belong to the financial sector, are actively partnering with blockchain development companies to unlock the benefits of decentralization for their organization.

In 2022, blockchain security-related incidents cost businesses nearly $1.7 Billion in losses, most of which were due to a lack of stringent development. Finding the right outsourcing partner with a time-tested portfolio offering blockchain development services has become more competitive than ever in the US market. MobileAppDaily, a tech media house, conducted extensive research to find blockchain development partners to help businesses make better-informed decisions that do not lead to unprecedented losses at a later stage.

In conclusion, MobileAppDaily has identified the top 15 blockchain development companies that will lead the decentralization movement of 2024 in the USA.

Here you can check the complete list of Blockchain development companies

1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is the most sought-after custom blockchain development company in the United States. The organization is known for its expertise in unlocking the expanding potential of the decentralized ecosystem across various domains. With a sound understanding of the field, this technology powerhouse has established a global presence by delivering exceptional digital solutions across multiple regions, including the USA, UAE, Qatar, India, Europe, and MENA.

Appinventiv has solidified its position as a blockchain technological partner for several enterprises, startups, and Fortune 500 companies and has delivered over 1000+ blockchain app development solutions across diverse industries. Their extensive team of 500+ blockchain software developers has offered solutions designed for scalability and sustainability to industry leaders such as American Express, Vodafone, KPMG, Asian Bank, EmiratesNBD, Virgin Group, Adidas, Americana Group, and Bodyshop.

Their comprehensive array of blockchain development services includes blockchain app consultation, MVP solutions, smart contracts, end-to-end dApp solutions, crypto exchange development, ICO services, crypto wallet app development, NFT solutions, and more. The organization has also implemented Smart Contracts using Solidity, Node.js, and Go on public and private blockchains. The firm was recently awarded the “Tech Company of the Year” at Times Business Awards 2023.

2. Boosty Labs

Boosty Labs is a New York-based company specializing in blockchain app development services. They offer customized solutions to businesses globally, enabling established and startup organizations to incorporate cryptocurrencies and smart contracts into their audit procedures. Established in 2017, the organization adopts a forward-looking approach and harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies to deliver top-tier quality services.

3. RWaltz Group

RWaltz Software is a prominent blockchain development company in the USA that offers comprehensive technology solutions. Specializing in blockchain and web development, their expertise covers various domains, including cryptocurrency exchanges, Ethereum smart contracts, ICOs, decentralized applications (DApps), Hyperledger, and blockchain consulting.

4. Oracle

Established in 1977, Oracle Corporation is a technology firm renowned for its expertise in developing and promoting software and hardware products and services. Oracle offers various tailored software services, including application development, cloud solutions, and proficient database management. The organization excels in delivering holistic blockchain software solutions, empowering organizations to manage and analyze their data resources efficiently.

5. Agira Technologies

Based out of New Jersey, Agira Technologies is a software development firm launched in 2015. Their bespoke blockchain application development solutions can be availed across multiple engagement approaches, including co-owned projects, offshore collaborations, and build-operate-transfer models, all designed to cater to unique client requirements.

6. Blockedge Technologies

Blockedge Technologies offers Blockedge, which is an innovative blockchain infrastructure automation platform that leverages zero-coding techniques to expedite blockchain adoption. It empowers pharmaceutical companies by providing a selection of diverse cloud providers and blockchain nodes to deploy custom blockchain use cases through user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

7. Startup Craft INC

Launched in 2015, Startup Craft is a blockchain app development company offering services across multiple enterprises and startups of various sizes. Their diverse range of blockchain development services includes the creation of immutable dApps for enhanced solution resilience, incentive and reward systems like CreatorAI with custom token integration for transparency, and Cryptocurrency Wallet dApps ensuring transaction accountability across various networks.

8. EvaCodes

Launched in 2007, EvaCodes is a product development company that offers startups and enterprises remote teams for custom product development. With 400+ experts organized into nine technology excellence groups, the blockchain development firm provides cost-effective solutions with diverse technical expertise.

9. IBM

IBM is a leading USA-based blockchain development firm specializing in trusted data exchange and workflow automation through distributed ledger technology. They offer blockchain solutions across various sectors, including supply chain, healthcare, government, retail, and telecommunications. Their consulting services aid in building scalable distributed systems, while their network design framework enhances operational agility.

10. Andersenlab

Being one of the top-most blockchain development companies in the USA, Andersen Lab has cultivated unique experience in rapidly evolving markets, establishing expert centers proficient in crafting enterprise-level solutions spanning Healthcare, FinTech, Multimedia, Entertainment, IoT, and E-commerce.

11. Osiz Technologies P LTD

Osiz Technologies is a blockchain development company that delivers comprehensive software-based IT solutions for startups, entrepreneurs, businesses, and industries. Staying updated with cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DApps, and advanced JS Frameworks, they focus on enhancing client business efficiency through digital transformation.

12. MixBytes

Launched in 2017, MixBytes is a team of security researchers and blockchain auditors providing comprehensive smart contract security audits and tech advisory. They have the expertise to enhance complex blockchain solutions and are among the best choices for specialized blockchain technology-based solutions like smart contracts and token standards.

13. Quokka Labs

The blockchain engineers at Quokka Labs have a successful history of developing and advising on blockchain applications for various industries, including healthcare, gaming, e-commerce, and financial services. They offer a range of solutions, from white-label options and digital IDs to enterprise-level distributed ledger software. Clients can use their services to create integrated digital wallets for messaging platforms.

14. Technoloader Pvt Ltd

Launched in 2017, Technoloader is a versatile blockchain development company that offers a comprehensive range of blockchain services, including blockchain POC development, blockchain IoT development, blockchain game development, smart contract development, blockchain consulting, private blockchain development, etc.

15. Accenture

Established in 1989 in Hamilton, Accenture is one of the premier blockchain development firms in the USA, renowned for delivering impeccable solutions that streamline business operations. Their dedicated team is capable of aiding companies in enhancing their efficiency, agility, and overall business intelligence.

Backed by their extensive cross-ecosystem proficiency, Accenture provides tailored business solutions and services to various industries. Their services encompass a wide range of offerings such as metaverse development, blockchain solutions for social impact, financial services infrastructure, decentralized digital identity solutions, blockchain-powered supply chain management, etc.

In Final Verdict 

MobileAppDaily is a tech media house that bridges various gaps between the latest technology and curious technology seekers. With its extensive reports on critical topics, the team has moved industry leaders, supported startup ecosystems, and strengthened awareness in the general public who become early adopters of exciting advancements. This report concludes the top 15 blockchain development companies, with Appinventiv ranking in the top position in the USA market.


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