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Mobile phone access control system makes life and work smarter

The Internet is now inseparable from people’s social life, especially the rapid development of the Internet of Things mobile terminal in recent years. In order to meet the development needs of the Internet era, the security system must functionally meet the needs of current and future development in order to meet the needs of the market. . Relying on mobile APPs, mobile access control not only effectively facilitates users’ lives, but also improves users’ stickiness in using APPs and promotes the promotion of community-based APPs.

Mobile access control system generally consists of three parts: cloud service management platform, controller equipment and mobile APP. The system adopts the most advanced Bluetooth technology, and realizes all-round digital control of personnel access rights through the mobile terminal of mobile phones. The system is a huge innovation in the security industry. It is not only an upgrade of traditional access control products, but also uses cloud computing and big data technologies to get rid of the bottleneck of server access and data processing, and realize the integration of “O2O” online and offline, and finally open The new experience of “smart life” under the user’s “smart city”.

Mobile access control, mobile phone control, open intelligent life

Mobile phone access control subverts traditional access control media, making mobile phones a medium equivalent to access control identification input devices such as IC cards and fingerprints. And the mobile terminal, as a communication device carried by people, has perfect device functions and interactive communication functions, so that the access control system is transformed from a traditional security device to a security + management + monitoring device, and users can apply and authorize access on the mobile terminal. , permission management, attendance operation, access control monitoring and a series of operations, visitors can access turnstile gates through appointment and confirmation by the management staff. The whole process does not require contact or tedious operations, which improves work efficiency and realizes humanized management.

Internet +, O2O docking, providing refined services

The mobile client is based on the perfect grass-roots equipment deployment and integrates the security management system to realize centralized operation management. At the same time, it completes the integration, transformation and improvement of traditional fields, automatically perceives and predicts the services required by users through data analysis, and provides users with personalized and convenient services, allowing users to enjoy the interactive pleasure of the mobile terminal and experience the high-quality refined service process.

Cloud computing, big data, enter the digital age cloud

Computing and big data, as emerging mobile Internet technologies, cover data, mass storage, processing and application, and are products of the digital age. According to the market segment of the industry, it provides professional services, realizes the interconnection of all things, and brings new opportunities for operations; it changes the way of user interaction, realizes multi-dimensional interaction between people and groups, multi-dimensional interaction with offline equipment, and related services. Multi-layer interaction; integrate services, manage related resources and application systems, and improve the clarity, flexibility and response speed of application interaction. The mobile access control system is suitable for large property management companies and group companies with widely distributed access control points.

The traditional access control system equipment is extremely cumbersome in wiring, while the mobile access control system hardware equipment only needs to connect the power cord and the signal output line to control the switch of the lock, and realize the management of the access control system through the data transmission of the mobile phone APP. At the same time, the mobile access control system and the traditional access control system can coexist, as a supplement to the traditional access control, adding a convenient way to open the door.

The residential community adopts the mobile phone access control system, integrates the services of the community property and surrounding shops, and customizes exclusive personalized functions to realize the mobile interconnection of smart community services. The mobile phone access control system is also suitable for commercial office buildings to complete the integrated management of access control, turnstile gates, elevator control, attendance, and visitors, effectively reducing construction costs, improving traffic efficiency, and realizing intelligent office buildings.