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Minnesota Electrical Continuing Education: Electrical Master & Journeyworker

Minnesota is one of the few states that require all electrical master and journey worker license holders to complete continuing education. After every two years, licensed electricians must take approved courses to renew their licenses. The Electrical Board of Minnesota has set forth specific requirements for the renewal process, including 16 hours of approved continuing education that must be completed each year of renewal. You will only be eligible for your license renewal if you complete the required hours within the two-year cycle.

Steps Required to Renew Your Electrical License

If you are an electrical master or journey worker in Minnesota, you must complete the following steps in order to renew your license:

1. Purchase Continuing Education

RockerCert offers a variety of approved Minnesota electrical continuing education courses that meet the Minnesota Electrical Board’s requirements. You can choose from 16-hour or 8-hour courses, depending on your needs. All courses are designed to help electricians learn the latest technologies and best practices for working safely with electricity. All the courses include lifetime access and the ability to print a certificate of completion upon successful completion.

2. Complete the Training

Once you purchase a course, you can complete it at your own pace. You may take one or more courses to meet the required hours for your license renewal. It is recommended that you take the courses at least one month before your license renewal is due in order to give yourself enough time to complete the course and receive the certificate of completion.

3. Obtain Your Certification

RocketCert provides a certificate of completion for each course you take. You will need to provide this certificate when submitting your license renewal paperwork to the Minnesota Electrical Board. So remember to save your certificate after completing the course!

Why Choose RocketCert?

RocketCert is the leading provider of continuing education courses for electrical master and journey worker license holders in Minnesota. All of our courses have been approved by the Minnesota Electrical Board and will fulfill your continuing education requirements. Our courses are designed to be easy to follow, comprehensive, and provide an engaging learning experience. We also offer a variety of courses from industry experts that cover the most up-to-date information about electrical technologies and safety practices.

Minnesota Electrical Board Approval Information

The Minnesota Electrical Board approves all RocketCert courses for continuing education credit. All courses will count towards the 16-hour requirement for license renewal. If you have any questions about the approval process, please contact us, and we will be happy to help. It is important to note that each state has its own rules and requirements for license renewal, so check the Minnesota Electrical Board website for the most up-to-date information about the renewal process.

When you purchase a course from RocketCert, you can be sure it will meet Minnesota license renewal requirements. Our courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to work safely and competently with electricity. We strive to provide the best online continuing education experience available. Contact us today to get started!