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Miner partners with blue-chip NFT company Ape Star Line, LLC, rebranding after a successful launch

Meta Miner launched on 8/12/22 offering various utilities and smart contracts that deliver rewards in the crypto space.

Meta Miner is a blockchain-based utility company that provides rewards to its holders. By offering services such as high-yield staking and farming pools, and NFTs, the experienced team, along with an auditing service, created a fully functioning and secure user ecosystem in this virtual reality.

The platform’s goal is to provide transparency and a user-friendly interface without security issues, be listed on reputable exchanges and provide a secure and safe ecosystem. Their smart contracts are designed to eliminate inefficient steps by creating a harmonious environment for maximum user efficiency and profitability. The utilities will give its users a way to generate high-yield rewards.

Miner just announced its partnership with Ape Star Line, LLC. While working under the Ape Star Line (ASL) company, which owns the Atlantic Voyager Ape Club (AVAC) and the Gen II collection Island Voyager Ape Club (IVAC), they will together build the ASL metaverse. By making these products and services available to all MINER and ASL NFT holders, MINER is on its way to becoming the most innovative and user-friendly blockchain project today under the parent company ASL. In addition, it allows users to earn and use MINER tokens in the ASL ecosystem.

When asked about the project, the founder of Meta Miner said, “We believe Meta Miner will be the bridge that helps blockchain technology achieve mass adoption and great things. We have developed a next-generation platform that implements far-reaching innovations and advances. We strive to build an innovative platform with real-world use cases that allow users to earn crypto seamlessly through tokens. Our utilities’ success is due to our community’s hard work and dedication. We will continue to help develop the next phase of the Meta Miner project, which will adopt the name ASL Miner as we move towards our future with Ape Star Line, LLC.”

Atlantic Voyage Ape Club owner wrote in the AVAC discord: “We welcome Meta Miner and Yomazuka Family into the Ape Star Line Ecosystem. Meta Miner will be rebranding and becoming ASL Miner to provide coins/rewards/staking to holders, and we’ll also be supporting and developing their projects with our Marketing Strategy. Meta Miner already has a successful token launched, and we’ll be incorporating this into our Ecosystem. Let’s welcome ASL Miner!”

These are promising efforts built on communities of passionate individuals and devoted members. Therefore, everyone is welcome to join the ASL Miner and Ape Star Line communities.

Seasonal launches will be utilized to expand the project, with each season will focus on a particular endeavour inside the space while rewarding and governing all holders. Check out https://metaminer.network/ and https://atlanticvoyageapeclub.com to uncover their powerhouse potential.

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