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Merle French bulldog: Everything You Need To Know About The Breed

The Merle French bulldog is an active and intelligent dog that makes it a sociable, cheerful, playful and friendly animal with children and adults. He is very affectionate with the members of his family, including the little ones, who for him are an inexhaustible source of games.

If you are considering having a Merle French bulldog, we give you the guide to know this breed of small dogs. When considering which breed of dog is ideal for you, it is necessary to know some information to choose correctly.

Regardless of whether it is a small, medium or large breed, the temperament of the dog must be considered, as well as its physical characteristics.

This canine breed is one of those known as molossers, a group of dogs that are characterized by their solid constitution as they are muscular, a large head with a short snout and a strong jaw.

Their characteristics make them wonderful watchdogs. Don’t be fooled by its small size: The Merle French bulldog can defend you if you need it.

It is a playful, cheerful, strong and very alert breed. They are ideal for participating in competitions with proper training, although it is not a breed that runs long distances.

What Is The Temperament Of A Merle french bulldog?

  • They crave undivided attention. They are ideal for people who live alone, because in a family they will surely compete for your attention against other people.
  • They are social, playful, sporty and faithful. Excellent guardians.
  • It is not suitable for running or long walks. It requires an average of 50 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • It is protective, it will bark when it notices something dangerous.
  • Watch out! Drooling and snoring.
  • He is fun-loving, full of life and very affectionate with his loved ones.

Characteristics Of This Small Breed

  • They live on average between 9 and 11 years. They are usually in good health and although they are very intelligent, they are also foolish. Being small in size, they do not need large spaces.
  • The Merle french bulldog is easily recognized by its large bat-like ears.
  • It has a flat face and a short, shiny coat that can be brindle, patched, or fawn.
  • The Merle french bulldog can measure between 27 and 34.5 centimeters. Adult males weigh 12.5 kilos and adult females 11 kilos.

Origin Of The Dog Breed

The miniature bulldog was a regular companion to women in the midlands of England, whose dogs accompanied them to factories.

The workers who moved their business to France brought their dogs with them, and there these bulldogs were crossed with smaller-faced dogs to create the Merle french bulldog we now know.

Common Diseases

The most common health problems are related to the flat shape of their face, which can block their airways and make it difficult for them to breathe. Therefore, excessive exercise and heat should be avoided.

They are also prone to skin infections, eye disorders, hip and elbow dysplasia (a condition that can cause mobility problems), and spinal disease.


50 minutes of exercise a day is enough. The most important thing is to protect it from the heat, since due to its flat face it tends to suffer from heat stroke or respiratory failure if it exercises in hot hours. In summer, it is recommended to go for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon.


His short, shiny, close-fitting coat requires very little attention. A weekly brushing is enough. However, wrinkles on the face and ears should be cleaned regularly as they are prone to complications.

Merle french bulldogs need frequent check-ups and care at the vet. We offer you some tips for caring for your pet, but remember that your dog’s health depends on the specialized medical care you provide.