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Meet Vipeach, an Independent Artist And Serial Entrepreneur Originally From Cincinnati, Ohio

Vipeach, an Independent artist and serial entrepreneur originally from Cincinnati, Ohio recently relocated to Tampa Florida. Has hit the ground running with weekly performances and recently released a new single on September 27th, the same day as the new season of the reality show Survivor titled: “Already A Survivor” along with a new music video exclusively on her Patreon for her most loyal supporters, nicknamed “The Peach Army”.

The song was co-written by Tiana Dean and produced by Dakota Pulse, inspired by a friend named Steve Harlan, and filmed in St. Pete Florida by Julio Rivera.

This is VIPeach’s 9th solo single as an independent artist; she has released (4 others with featured artists). She has been making music for 3 years and building her personal Peach brand for 14 years. She has 7 music videos that she directed and paid for herself. Produced over 13 concerts including booking and hosting Twista for her annual “Peach Fest” that she throws for her birthday every year in her hometown of Cincinnati.

This single is an important song for her because her music career stemmed from her original pursuit to get on the reality show Survivor. It was never her main goal to become a singer/rapper but discovered her talents through self-discovery after her divorce. She had been a fan of the show since she was a child and it’s been a dream to get on the show someday. She began to apply for the show in 2018 and has submitted an audition video every year.

Vipeach wanted to get on the show to challenge herself in ways regular life couldn’t. After being in the army and experiencing a 10-year abusive marriage she was seeking an experience that could help her rediscover who she really was beyond the marriage and her previous trauma. She wanted to inspire other people to get out of abusive relationships and show them they could still be happy and successful, using her story as a road map to help them rediscover themselves and live authentically.

She discovered through her pursuit of the show, her adventures, and experiences along the way that she had already won the game of life. That she did not need the validation of the show any longer and that she was indeed Already a SURVIVOR with or without getting on it.

VIPeach is excited to shift her focus to bigger and better goals and is optimistic about this new chapter in her music career. She plans to gear her music to be more positive, inspirational, and even more political. With her eyes set on possibly running for a political campaign in the future to help create real change, sparking a spiritual revolution/evolution this country needs to bring people from all walks of life together.

Follow her journey at vipeach.net



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