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Meet Barava. The High-Tech, Stylish Lighting Device for Your Home, Office, Restaurant, or Bar

As energy prices rise, many property owners are looking for small changes that can help them save big bucks. According to Houzz’s senior editor, light fixtures were the most popular search term related to technology items in 2022. In 2023, the same publication reported an increase in the number of searches for smart lights.

 What are Smart Lights?

 Traditional bulbs screw into a light fixture. The light switches on and off at a light switch. Dimmer switches and three-way bulbs offer some opportunity to customize the light’s brightness. The common incandescent bulb produces a lot of heat and uses a lot of energy. When the LED bulb entered the market, this new bulb used less energy and produced less heat. Property owners found that LED bulbs lasted longer than incandescent bulbs. These new bulbs also save users money.

 Smart lights offer more opportunities for customization. Like traditional light bulbs, smart LED lights screw into a socket and can be controlled with a switch. However, they also offer more functionality than traditional lights.

 Enter The Barava Light. 

 By tapping into our collective affection for retro nostalgia, the innovative Barava Light revitalizes the conventional light fixture with an array of thrilling features. The Barava combines contemporary design with cutting-edge technology to introduce a modernized version of the classic lava lamp to the 21st century.

Featuring tap touch controls and an extensive palette of millions of color combinations, the Barava light offers an endless array of color choices to match every mood or occasion. With its built-in microphone and speaker, users can enjoy their favorite music while the accompanying app grants complete command over the lamp’s numerous functionalities.

The Rising Demand of Smart Lights

Homeowners and business owners are increasingly interested in adding lighting upgrades to their renovation projects. Smart lights like Barava offer a way to customize a space beyond just a one-time renovation.

With Barava, users can change their lights’ colors to set a mood for an event. For example, homeowners can change the lights’ colors to set a quiet mood for yoga sessions or quiet dinners. Business owners can set the mood for special events by changing the lights’ colors.

Modern consumers are also concerned with energy efficiency. Barava smart lights enhance energy efficiency in properties by utilizing warm and cool LED lights, known to consume up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LED lights boast prolonged lifespan and emit minimal heat compared to their outdated counterparts, making them an optimal choice for energy-conscious consumers.