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Med Rep Launches SaaS that Optimizes Workdays of Medical Representatives

With Med Rep Meeting (Med Rep), founded by Peter Skidmore, reinventing how aesthetic medical devices are sold to physicians, the industry is on the verge of a new frontier in sales. The all-inclusive SaaS created by Med Rep is revolutionary because it is turning one of the industry’s longest held beliefs on its end: there is, in fact, a way to remove the uncertainty and inefficiency from the workdays of medical representatives. 

“It’s huge for med reps,” confirms Skidmore. “Before we released our SaaS, they were working far too hard. There was no realistic way for them to plan out their time each day. They had the same tools as always: a calendar that told them who they would see that day. It might include, if they were especially diligent, an optional drop-in to a new physician along the way, but really, that was it.”

Skidmore, who spent years in the industry before starting Med Rep, says that at the meeting, the mep rep would then spend the next 3-6 hours talking to the physician, explaining the aesthetic medical device, and carefully guiding the discussion towards the sale, when the question of financing inevitably came up. A physician could then be denied or be requested to provide their bank statements.

“It is obviously not a perfect business model, yet it is what the medical rep industry has been forced to work with for years now, including when I was in it,” says Skidmore. “To find solutions, I first analyzed every pain point that med reps encounter on the job. Using my own experiences and the feedback of my peers, I then determined what would solve each one. I combined all of this into the technology that is the heart of Med Rep Meeting, and it has completely changed the game for medical representatives, their leadership, and even physicians. No one else in the industry has Med Rep’s capabilities.”

Skidmore emphasizes that Med Rep Meeting’s software is about preparation and the elimination of the unknown. “Let’s look at the day of a medical representative who uses Med Rep,” he says. “In the morning, they sit down at their desk with their coffee, log into Med Rep Meeting’s platform, and look at their daily calendar. They can see immediately who they have to visit that day and the times. The medical rep notes some gaps, so they start making calls. Each time they make an appointment, that goes into their calendar.”

Crucially, Skidmore says, each appointment shows up on a map, so the medical representative can see the location of meetings as well as any potential for additional stops along the way. 

“There’s also a search box where the med rep can type in ‘derm’ or ‘cardiovascular’, and they can learn about other physicians en route to their original meeting,” Skidmore explains. “It gives them the ability to optimize that driving time.”

It is not, however, time to start driving just yet. With Med Rep Meeting’s software, medical reps can prequalify physicians for up to $350K of medical aesthetic devices or learn the reasons for disqualification before a meeting. 

“Why does this matter? In the past, med reps spent 3-6 hours discussing a medical device with a physician, making the sale – only to learn that the physician wasn’t qualified for financing. Or, they might need to provide their bank statements or tax returns first,” says Skidmore. “It was a big drain of time, energy, and money. That’s why Med Rep Meeting is so revolutionary for the industry: we are helping med reps know before they walk out the door what to expect in their meetings with physicians.”

There is also security for leadership, who previously had to take their sales reps’ word for it about meetings they attended. The high-tech SaaS designed by Med Rep means that attended meetings are logged throughout the day, and for that to happen, the sales rep must be within 150 feet of the physician’s address.

“You can essentially think of our SaaS as a portable office that rides with the medical rep throughout the day,” says Skidmore. “There is now a straight line between what they do and what is reported to leadership. That, combined with optimized time with physicians, means that companies that sell aesthetic medical devices are ready to do business on a whole new level.”