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Mazer Gaming: A Combination of All-time Favorite Esports

When someone mentions sports, people often think of soccer, football, cricket, and basketball. However, in recent years, competitive gaming or esports has grown in popularity to reach massive levels. Esports is a competition in which people all across the world can participate and play games on any electronic device to secure the highest score.

There are different types of esports, similar to other kinds of video games. In most esports, people compete in teams against their opponents. The players who increase their skills by reaching specific levels of gaming proficiency have access to tournaments and are invited to on-site competitions in different parts of the country. 

According to a magazine named Medium, esports began in 1972 at Stanford University in Connecticut. The first featured game was Spacewar! The grand prize for this esports tournament was a year-long subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Since then, the esports industry has been witnessing an increasing boom. Today, more than 400 million gamers are indulged in esports. 

In the 1980s, many video game companies started developing more online games and encouraged competitions for games like Pacman and Space Invaders. This led to the widespread popularity of professional video game competitions. During the 1990s, the online video games Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 revolutionized the esports industry. As a result, major companies like Sony and Nintendo started sponsoring esports tournaments worldwide. 

While many reasons explain the success of the esports industry, video game enthusiasts will always top the list. In 2014, Samuel Kijak found Mazer Gaming.  Mazer Gaming gained ever-increasing popularity by branching into vast variety of games including Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Pokémon Go, Fortnite, and many other esports. In addition, the organization offers different types of gaming gears to professional gamers. The goal of the organization is to produce entertaining game content for the players and create championship-winning teams. 

Mazer Gaming is famous for its Mazer Gaming Gives Back (MGGB) Tournament Series, which happens every month. The primary purpose of the MGGB series is to raise money for charity throughout the stream. This charity goes to children dealing with different life-threatening ailments or those who don’t have enough money to treat their illnesses. For this noble purpose, Mazer Gaming has partnered with Gamers Outreach. Gamers Outreach is a nonprofit organization that helps provide software, technology, and equipment to help kids cope with the expense of their treatments in the hospital. The first event held at Super Smash Bros., was a huge success, and raised thousands of dollars. 

Mazer Gaming has also collaborated with GoChain to mint esports, gaming-related files, and digital content. The organization competes in different game titles such as Smash Bros, Rainbow Six Stage, Street Fighter V, Pokémon Go, and others. Additionally, Mazer Gaming hosts numerous streamers on Twitch and other platforms, which help create content for the team. 

In 2021, AdColony, the in-app marketplace for brands, announced their new sponsorship agreement with esports organization and mobile esports leader Mazer Gaming, which field the premier Pokémon Go team and 3v3 Pokémon Go Specialist Cup Champions. The CEO of Mazer Gaming supported this sponsorship and promised the world that together they would continue to grow their presence in the mobile industry and keep looking forward to adding great revenues in the esports industry. 

According to the World Economic Forum (WFE), esports generates significant money. In 2019, the industry successfully made $1 billion, with $694 million coming from brand investment revenue, a staggering 38.2 percent revenue increase over 2018. It has been witnessed that the gaming industry will only experience unstoppable growth in the upcoming years. 

Mazer Gaming is among the very few esports organizations that are actively involved in the blockchain and crypto space. It has partnered with OpenNode to bring bitcoin payments and payouts to its esports tournaments and eventually to the esports industry as a whole. The organization firmly believes in pushing Bitcoin adoption and integrating it in its community and sees the partnership with OpenNode as an opportunity.