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Maternity photoshoot: Santorini Dress guarantees high-quality, unique photos

We offer excellent flying dress photoshoots, which:

  • gives a lot of positive emotions;
  • delights with stunning pictures;
  • allows you to have a good time shooting.

The best photographers are ready to capture your image in a flowy dress. 

Book with us a flying dress photo shoot in the most exciting places of Santorini, Dubai, Italy, or Mexico. We offer many locations for shooting. Here you can choose an airy dress with a long train from several dozen chic outfits provided for rent.

When interacting with our professionals, you will receive guaranteed high-quality photography. Stunning pictures will allow you to remember your life’s most exciting moments. We will be glad to be of maximum service. Please write to us right now to discuss the necessary details.

A private photographer in Santorini will take into account all your wishes. He will tell you how to pose and skillfully select the angle to capture your beauty in the best possible way against the backdrop of amazing natural landscapes. Stunning footage will capture your exquisite silhouette in a flying dress, the long hem flutters in the breeze.

Our professional team uses a unique style and knows how to shoot beautifully at any time of the day. We invite you to see the photographers’ skills by first reviewing their finished work on www.SantoriniDress.com.

You can be photographed alone, with your loved one, with your husband and children, with girlfriends, etc. We will develop compelling images for your tasks. Contact us. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our flying dress photoshoot.

We recommend ordering a professional pregnancy photoshoot from us. It is, in some ways, different from any other shooting. The fact is that during this particular period in a woman’s life, does not only the shape of the silhouette change but also her well-being. You will be provided with maximum comfort on the set.

Our professional masters consider all the nuances and guarantee excellent photo shoots. They will capture only the best that can be shown at the moment. A woman in a period of waiting for the birth of a future baby has exceptional beauty and charm. You need to focus on the positive aspects and not be shy but proudly show the changing silhouette. After all, a rounded tummy looks incredibly cute, as if confirming a woman’s primary purpose – to become a mother.

We advise you to properly prepare for the photoshoot and schedule it at about 6-8 months of pregnancy. This is because the enlarged tummy with the baby inside is already apparent during this period, becoming a highlight in all the pictures taken. Of course, choosing the best time to participate in a pregnancy photoshoot must be approached individually. Indeed, some women have the tummy visible already at 4-5 months. Therefore, you decide when it will be more convenient for you to pose in front of the camera. It is not recommended to do it a few weeks before the expected birth not to increase the burden on the body.