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Manta Network Unleashes Privacy-Driven Web3 Innovations with Wave 1 Grants

New York, USA, May 26, 2023 –  Manta Network, the leading zk layer 1 blockchain platform, is proud to announce the distribution of its first wave of grants to three exceptional projects: Galxe, ReadON, and AsMatch. These projects have been selected as recipients of the Manta Grants Program for their groundbreaking use of Manta’s zkSBT technology in on-chain, private identity verification. The grants will support the continued development and user adoption of zkSBTs, further advancing Manta Network’s mission to bring decentralized privacy to Web3 and onboard large-scale Web2 applications onto the Manta platform.

The Manta Grants Program is designed to foster Manta’s activity, ecosystem growth, and Web3 & Web2 user acquisition. By leveraging Manta’s frictionless user infrastructure and toolkits, selected projects gain access to funding, technical resources, marketing & growth support, and partnership opportunities. The program presents an exciting opportunity for builders to receive support from Manta Network and contribute to the growth of the Manta ecosystem. Interested parties can apply for the Manta Ecosystem Grant by filling out the Grants Application available on the official Manta Network website.

Wave 1 Grant Recipients – Galxe, the leading platform for building Web3 communities, has been awarded a grant for its pioneering work in on-chain identity verification. With a user base of over 30 million unique users, Galxe has played a pivotal role in driving the growth of projects like Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more through reward-based loyalty programs. On Manta’s NPO platform, Galxe issued its first zkSBT called zkGalxe Passport, marking a major milestone in on-chain identity verification. The zkGalxe Passport provides compliance verification with on-chain privacy benefits, offering users a decentralized and privacy-enhanced digital verification experience.

ReadON, a decentralized content platform, has received a grant to advance its mission of providing the best Web3 information and developing a fair and open creator economy. ReadON has issued its zkPass, a privacy-enhanced version of ReadON Pass powered by zero-knowledge proofs (ZK). The ReadON zkPass allows users to participate in the ReadON ecosystem without revealing their personal information or wallet address. This incentivized approach fosters user engagement and ensures a secure and private way to access content on the platform.

AsMatch, the world’s first astrology-based Web3 Social-Fi matching app, has been recognized for its innovative approach to privacy and user experience. By combining AI-generated content, zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), and zkSBTs, AsMatch offers a gamified experience through a match-to-earn model with token incentives. AsMatch will issue its zkSBT, leveraging ZKPs to reduce catfishing and eliminate fake profiles. The AsMatch zkSBT will act as a privacy-enhanced decentralized identifier (DID), allowing users to validate information about themselves without revealing the information itself.

As part of the Manta Grants Program, these recipients will gain access to a range of resources:

Technical Resources: Recipients will have direct communication with key members of Manta Network’s core engineering team, receiving support, feedback, and timely assistance to ensure the success of their projects.

Funding Resources: In addition to the grants, Manta Network will provide resources to help scale projects, including introductions to an extensive network of investors, partners, and strategic contacts.

Marketing & Growth Resources: Recipients are encouraged to consult with the Manta Network core team on marketing and growth strategies. Co-marketing campaigns will also be arranged to accelerate growth and increase exposure within the Manta Network ecosystem.

Partnership Resources: Manta Network will support recipients in establishing partnerships and exploring promotional opportunities to enhance their brand positioning.

Manta Network is excited to collaborate with these outstanding projects and further the development of the Manta ecosystem. To learn more about Manta Network and the Manta Grants Program, please visit the official Manta Network website and the Manta Grants Program mission page.

About Manta Network:

Manta Network is a leading zk layer 1 blockchain platform that brings programmable privacy to Web3. With its fast prover speed and decentralized trusted setup, Manta Network offers user-friendly access to powerful ZK-enabled use cases, including zkNFTs and MantaPay. Founded by a team of experienced professionals from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Algorand, Manta Network began its research on Zero Knowledge Proof in 2019 under the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. Backed by top web3 investment funds including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital, Manta Network has achieved significant growth through participation in renowned web3 accelerators such as Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Manta Network is committed to revolutionizing web3 applications with a strong focus on privacy.



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