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Managing Google Workspace Migrations: What Could Go Wrong & How To Avoid It?

System migration is a process that requires all business processes to be migrated from one platform to another – regardless of whether it is hardware, software, or both. Does that seem like a big task? Then, you are not entirely wrong. Especially when talking about the migration of whole systems to Google Workspace.

Migrating your businesses’ data to Google Workspace from Microsoft Office 365 is an example. During the migration process, all parties should be extremely careful and also follow a protocol that is strict. Not just because sensitive information is involved, but because a fatal error could cost significant amounts of time and money as well as lose the trust of your clients.

It is for this reason that you are encouraged to conduct your own research and to seek the advice of experts and professionals in case of migrations.

Small and medium-sized businesses are underserved by a vast cloud platform like Google Workspace when it comes to customer success. Cloudasta excels in helping them maximize their value. It has partnered with Google company to help Google Workspace join hands with a wider range of customers than Google would support alone. The focus of this move is mainly on small customers that are usually neglected by all those large vendors out there.

Things That Could Go Wrong & Their Solution

Clients Changing Their Minds: Last minute changes can often lead to migration delays. Often, both parties end up with a concrete agreement plan, however, there are few clients who desire to change something while in migration. Not only does this move set you back but also makes you worry if there is a strict deadline mentioned by the client.

Solution: Explain the importance of sticking to one particular plan with your client, making them understand the whole process as well as the positive migration effects on their business.

Not All Data Gets Migrated: There are many clients who get furious when a part of their data has not been transferred or migrated to the new system. API limitation is one big reason behind such a situation. The destination system as well as the source system play a huge role in this. But, many clients hardly understand the complexity of this situation, however, it can always happen with migrations.

Solution: As a client, it is your responsibility to have good communication with the migrator. Mention your goals, pay heed to the limitations of migration, and reach out to the best Google Workspace managed migration service provider for best outcome.

Users Uploading Huge Data While In Migration: The old system can still be used when the migration is taking place. The old email can not only send but also receive emails during this phase, you can store files, and do more without affecting the process of migration. Uploading large data sizes on Google drive at this time can lead to a drastic time increase in the migration process, and thus delays in meeting deadlines.

Solution: Upload as well as work on data of small amounts if the migration process is active. Upload data of large size on the new system when the migration is done and dusted.