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Managed IT: What Are the Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing?

As your business grows, so do demands on your time. You need to start outsourcing some of your business processes if you want to dedicate your time to the things that need your attention most. Getting managed IT services is one way of outsourcing, and there are lots of benefits to outsourcing business processes in general.

Managed IT: What Are the Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing?

1. It Leaves You Time to Focus on Key Operations

As someone who runs a business, you’re responsible for keeping operations running smoothly. Your area of expertise is being the boss, not being the person who takes care of all the little tasks, like making sure all the technology your business uses is up-to-date.

Your main goal should be growing your business and delegating unwanted tasks to people trained to do them. There’s enough stress on you already without having to deal with shelling out for new tech when your software becomes obsolete or coaching your tech team through an outage that’s making them panic. Let somebody else deal with these issues. Click here to find a team ready and willing to take on the task.

2. It Enables You to Track Your Budget More Accurately

Speaking of shelling out for new tech, that can be a major issue for many business owners. You never know when you’ll need to update your systems or replace hardware. It can leave a hole in your budget and throw everything off balance. With managed services, you never have to worry about this. You pay a monthly fee that you can factor into your budget.

Everything you could ever possibly need is covered. Maintenance, breakdowns, repairs, and more are accounted for in that monthly fee. And if the price ever changes, then you’ll be told ahead of time so you can adjust your budget accordingly. You’ll never need to worry about big financial shocks when it comes to technology again.

3. It Gets You Out of Hot Water If There Are Data Leaks

With a solid managed service, you shouldn’t expect any data breaches or leaks. However, in the rare circumstance one occurs, it doesn’t fall on you and your company. When you outsource your technological needs to a whole other company, that company is responsible for data leaks that impact you and any other business that hires them.

It’s on your service provider to repair the damage that’s been done and make sure it doesn’t happen again. They take the fall, essentially, if there’s a slip-up. That wouldn’t happen with an in-house tech department: you would be entirely responsible for an employee or software mistake.

4. It Minimises Downtime

When systems fail, downtime is inescapable. It kills business productivity, and any good business owner knows productivity is essential in the workplace. It can take a substantial amount of time for an in-house team to get systems up and running again, and sometimes they need to call out for external help.

With managed services, if your software goes down, then you’re not out of luck. Your remote team may already be working to fix your systems before you realize they’ve gone down. Plus, if a server goes down, your external team likely has backup servers they can use for you while your main servers are down.

5. It Gives You One Point of Contact

When you have an in-house team, you must keep a list of vendors for all the software and hardware you use. If something goes wrong or if you need to order something new, then you have to call various vendors individually. This is time-consuming and often stressful. However, if you have a problem or concern when you have a managed service team, then you simply call your service provider. They’ll contact the vendors on your behalf.

6. It Saves You Money

You already know how you can factor managed services into your monthly budget. However, it also saves you money on sunk costs. Without an in-house team, you don’t have to supply and maintain offices. You also have fewer employees to pay and provide benefits for. This lets you use your money for more important things in your business, or it can increase your profits since you’re spending less running the show.

7. It Gets You Help Faster

If you find there’s an issue with some of the technology your business uses, then you can call your service provider at any time. Help is available on weekends, at night, and even on major holidays. You don’t have that kind of all-around support with an in-house team.

If you haven’t already considered outsourcing IT and any other business operations you don’t need to deal with yourself, then you definitely should. You’ll save time and money, and your company will be protected in the very unlikely event of a data leak.