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Mala Yachts Introduce Mona Lisa Dinner Cruise in Dubai?

Are you looking for a yacht that can be both comfortable and affordable? Easy Yachts is a trusted yacht rental Dubai company. They can help you arrange a yacht charter in Dubai. The headquarters of Easy Yachts is located in Dubai. They go out of their way to make their guests feel at home. It is possible to rent a yacht in Dubai from Easy Yachts for both business and recreational purposes. A good time is expected by everyone.

Mala Yacht has been giving the best Dinner Cruise in Dubai for 11 years. You can now enjoy the experience for a great price. The new Mona Lisa Dinner Cruise from MALA YACHTS is the most affordable way to enjoy dinner in Dubai Marina or a romantic evening on the water.

Mala Yacht has recently started the Mona Lisa Dinner Cruise. Dinner for adults costs 99 AED, and kids’ meals cost 79 AED. The yacht also does other cruises around Dubai, so if you’re looking for a different yacht for your next trip, check us out! We are excited to tell you about the start of our new Mona Lisa Dinner Cruise. This is a new option in our fleet, and it’s sure to be a hit with all of our guests.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina offers the most affordable dinner option in Dubai, and it’s perfect for families or couples who want to enjoy dinner in a relaxing environment. The cruise leaves from Dubai Marina, so you’ll be able to enjoy it at sunset! If you’re looking for a way to relax after work or dinner with friends, then this is the perfect option! We recommend booking early as space is limited!

According to the company:

We at Mala Yachts are proud to announce a new cruise experience for your company, Mona Lisa Dinner Cruise. Our company has been offering Yacht rental services for more than 11 years and we know how to make it work for you. We offer the best cruising experience in town and we are always looking for ways to expand our success. Our team is experienced in handling all kinds of events from conferences and seminars to weddings and concerts.

Easy Yachts stands apart in comparison to the other yachting companies

Mala Yachts may add dining places and entertainment like bands or singers to every cruise event.  We offers the best cruising yachts, such as mega yacht dinner cruise, without having to worry about how many people will be on your boat. Dinner aboard a cruise yacht is the most affordable option in Dubai, and it’s ideal for families or couples who prefer to dine in a more secluded location. At sunset, you’ll be able to enjoy the sail from Dubai Marina! After a long day at work or a night out with friends, this is the perfect place for you to unwind! For a truly lavish experience, we recommend mala yachts.