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Look Stylish Effortlessly with the Right Type of Tee

Can you really imagine a world without t-shirts? It is such a universal piece of attire. From high fashion to streetwear, it is everywhere.

While most people buy them off the rack, there are some who love custom t-shirts and spend a pretty penny on personalizing them.

Necking with a tee

If you are a tee lover, you will surely love to know about the various necklines of t-shirts. Here’s some pertinent info on them.

The crew neck

This is the most common of the entire lot. You will see multitudes upon multitudes of dudes and gals sporting this neck style. It has a circular neckline that suits the body shape of almost everyone out there, which is why it is such a universal favorite.

If you are interested, you can make your own shirt with any fancy design you like, yet keep a crew neck to gel with the others.

The V neck

This tee, as the name suggests, has a v-shaped neckline. While not as common as the crew neck, this one too has many followers – especially those who love its slimming effects. Also, it is best suited for those who want to flaunt their upper chest area to a tiny extent.

The scoop neck

This neck is quite a stretch from the classic round, crew neck in the sense that its round neckline hangs a couple of inches below the neck. This neck is sported the most by metrosexuals as they find it subtly alluring. Many tee lovers visit their custom t-shirt shop and go for this neckline along with other customizations that make their tee special and unique.

The polo neck

If you are into golf, you will surely be able to place this neck style within seconds. This neckline is a hot fave for golfers all over the world. It is collared with buttons, and it has an elegant formal look. While it looks best on leaner frames, it is quite appealing on thicker bodies as well.