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Living on Your Own: A List of All the Basic Household Chores

One of the most important parts of living on your own is managing all the basic chores that come along with it. From washing dishes to doing laundry, these tasks are essential in keeping yourself comfortable and healthy. So let’s have a look at what basic chores you need to do when living alone.

Doing the Laundry

One of the most common chores you need to do when living alone is laundry. Depending on where you live, whether it’s in an apartment with a shared coin-operated washer and dryer, or in a house with your own machines, managing this chore can be pretty simple. Make sure to separate whites from colours, and know how to wash towels, blankets and underwear. Also remember to hang up delicate items right away as soon as they come out of the machine!

Grocery Shopping

You also have to make sure that you are stocked up on all essential food items. Whether it’s milk, bread or vegetables — having a regular shopping list will make grocery trips easier and faster! If you’re pressed for time, many stores now offer online delivery services. That way, you can have your groceries delivered right to your door without having to leave your house.


Cleaning is also essential when living alone! Make sure to dust, vacuum and mop regularly — especially if you have pets at home. Areas like the kitchen and bathroom need extra attention since they’re used so frequently. Be sure to always clean up spills quickly and stock up on cleaning supplies like sponges, scrubbers and dish soap.


We all know how daunting it can be to look at a sink full of dirty dishes. But when living alone, you need to make sure that this essential chore is done regularly. Doing the dishes right after using them prevents food leftovers from caking onto the plates and makes the job much easier! A tip would be to fill up one side of the sink with soapy water and rinse dishes on the other side.


If you’re living on your own, chances are that cooking is essential to make sure you eat healthily. There are plenty of delicious and easy recipes available online to get you started! But remember not to overdo it — make sure to plan enough time for cooking and preparing meals throughout the week.

Making the Bed

Making your bed every morning is a great way to start off the day — it sets a good precedent and helps you begin in an organised manner. Plus, it’s not too hard or time-consuming. Just make sure that everything is straightened out, and the sheets are tucked in nicely!

Living on your own comes with many responsibilities and chores that need to be done regularly. By taking care of these basic tasks, you can make sure your home stays comfortable and clean for yourself and anyone else who might be visiting. So remember to stay organized and plan ahead for all the chores you need to do!