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Light Socket Security Camera Reviews: Is This Socket Security Camera Legit Or Scam? Read Before Buying.

Robberies are on the rise for a variety of reasons. Many people worry because they do not know how to protect themselves. Many security professionals believe that it is important that your property appears occupied even when you are not there. , which may include investments in security systems.

Installing security cameras is one of the most effective ways to keep intruders out of your home. Security systems make your home safer and more secure while deterring criminals. Security cameras are a great tool to keep criminals at bay while keeping an eye on your home. If you are thinking of building a security system, please see “Light Socket Security Camera”.

Installing security cameras can greatly reduce the chance of break-ins and keep your home safe. It not only records all your activities around the house, but also sends alerts to your phone when something unexpected is detected. Read below to learn about the main features and benefits of Light Socket Security Camera.

What is the Light Socket Security Camera?

As the world progresses, so does the technology available to us. Security cameras are becoming more and more popular to protect homes and businesses. Installing a light socket security camera is a simple and inexpensive way to deter criminals and monitor your property. In the event of a crime, these cameras can provide evidence. In the event of a crime, surveillance footage can be used as evidence to identify and prosecute perpetrators.

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Light Socket Security Camera is easy to set up and use. Simply plug the camera into an electrical outlet and point it in the direction you want to monitor. When the camera detects motion in its field of view, it will start recording. On your smartphone or PC, you can view the security camera footage of the lighting socket. The Light Socket Security Camera lets you know that your home is being monitored while you’re away.



This is probably the most important factor to consider when purchasing a smart bulb camera. Imagine someone sneaking into your backyard. If the resolution of the bulb camera is not high enough, it may not be possible to determine who is trying to sneak into your home. Higher resolution also means that the Light Socket Security Camera can capture detections more accurately.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a bulb camera with 1080P resolution. If smart bulbs didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have understood. With such advances in camera technology (especially in home security), I’m still shocked by products that don’t have 1080P resolution.

Motion Detection.

When buying the Light Socket Security Camera, you should pay attention to its range and angle range. Because the bulb camera is round, it offers a standard angular range of 360 degrees of angular movement. You should also choose a bulb camera with a motion detector that can detect motion at least 30-35 feet away.


Memory defines the storage capacity of the smart bulb camera. The Light Socket Security Camera has its own memory and can support memory cards up to 128 GB. However, a dedicated memory card is not included and must be purchased separately. Tired of having to buy extra memory? Yes. But unfortunately, that is the standard by which we have to live.

Night Vision.

Monitoring the apartment at night is a bit difficult. You hear the noise, you look out the window…and if you’re like me, you see nothing.So a security camera with night vision is very important. Many smart bulb cameras on the market support night vision. What I’ve seen below has some of the best night vision goggles in this niche. If your device can’t easily monitor your home or property at night, you shouldn’t get it. The Light Socket Security Camera affords you this comfort and more.

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360° panorama camera:

The Sky Bulb has an image resolution of 1080p with a 360° panoramic viewing angle. The Light Socket Security Camera incorporates 4 infrared lights and 4 white LED lights that are useful in extremely dark environments, giving you a detailed view of every aspect of your surveillance. Perfect for keeping an eye on your home and pets while you’re out and about.

Superior Audio System:

A built-in enhanced microphone, speaker, and imperceptible infrared LEDs provide two-way audio and night vision. You can see, hear, and communicate with your loved ones in real-time, even when you’re not at home, and scare away unexpected visitors using the Light Socket Security Camera.

Easy setup and installation:

The Light Socket Security Camera is Easy to install, just screw this camera into the E26 or E27 fitting. Open the app and see your home in real time without drilling, wiring, electrical wiring or hard setup.

Real-time alerts and movement tracking:

Light Socket Security Camera automatic motion sensor tracks moving objects until they leave the field of view. When motion is detected, Light Socketwill immediately notify your device. This motion sensor is one of the advanced features of the Light Socket Security Camera Kit. The sensor uses state-of-the-art infrared technology to track illegitimate persons who enter the field of view of surveillance cameras and send motion alerts to notify you of any problems instantly.

High quality:

The manufacturers of the Light Socket Security Camera adhere to the highest standards and are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Easy Returns:

If you are not completely satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Alarm mechanism:

To deter uninvited visitors, Light Socket Security Camera Technology can be used to sound an alarm. You will receive a notification and you can enable alarms in the app. If you are out and there is an urgent threat to your home or family, you can enable an alarm to deter intruders. This is especially useful against thieves who want to break in quietly and get away as quickly as possible. The sound of this alarm is a cue for help from nearby residents. The ability to set alarms from anywhere in the world using the mobile app is the best feature. The ability to scare away animals and intruders with a loud alarm at the touch of a button helps keep unwanted guests away.

No installation or monthly fees:

A team of America’s top engineers are responsible for this groundbreaking invention. Their mission was to create an affordable, low-maintenance security camera kit for home and office use. Based on traditional security camera models, they made a key innovation, a slim Light Socket Security Camera that fits anywhere in the light bulb socket and has enough space for the camera to move in any direction while remaining covered. created a camera for It’s very portable and works without batteries or cables. All you have to do is plug it into a standard light socket, connect it to your phone and monitor what’s going on in real time.Installation costs, ongoing maintenance costs , or no monthly cloud storage fees, which can save you a lot of money this year.

No blind spots:

Equipped with a 360° lens the Light Socket Security Camera has no blind spots and gives you a panoramic view of your home in the highest possible resolution.

24 hours Coverage:

A motion detection sensor is also built in to ensure you never miss a moment. With our motion tracking system, you’ll get a real-time notification on your phone whenever Light Socket Security Camera Detects motion, letting you know someone’s approaching your home. This camera has excellent two-way audio. Via the app, you can now communicate anytime, anywhere. Sound quality is great as well and can be muted. The Light Socket Security Camera allows you to continuously record video footage and monitor your home via the SD card slot. This has great privacy benefits as you can always view your records and no one else has access to your records.

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Connect to any device:

The Light Socket Security Camera is Compatible with iOS and Android devices. No drilling or wiring required, simple and practical.

Crystal-clear 1080p resolution:

Equipped with a state-of-the-art camera the Light Socket Security Camera Displays events in the house in as much detail as possible.

Super bright LED lights:

The Light Socket Security Camera which is also a light, uses super bright LED lights to illuminate dark areas. This camera draws power from a wall outlet without cables or batteries. Therefore, it has infinite energy and never runs out. Unlike doorbell cameras that are already built in, this one is very portable and can be taken anywhere. Great for vacations and Air BnB bookings. After using this security cam, you will want to tell your friends and family. That much is certain.

Where can I purchase the Light Socket Security Camera?

If you go to the electronics section of your local supermarket, you will find his CCTV of different types and brands. Prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, these are brands that are available both online and offline.

However, lightbulb security cameras are only available online.

Therefore, like any other Internet product, scammers are chasing this new and advanced security application like a rainy day. So, knowing where to get original, genuine products can effectively avoid these scams and save you dollar bills without wasting them on products that don’t work.

The only place you can buy it is the camera manufacturer’s official website.


Traditional security systems can cost him $800 or more, so expect a Light Socket Security Camera to cost at least that much. But what if the Light Socket Security Camera Only says he’s $93.99? You will probably be shocked.

But do you know what’s better than paying the already reasonable list price of $93.99? They’re offering a 50% discount so you can order for only $46.00!

This is an affordable price for a modern, high-end security system that keeps you and your family safe. Light Socket Security Camera Focuses on attracting first-time customers. By offering such a hefty 50% discount, we’re betting that when our customers use our cameras, they’ll receive tons of positive reviews and free social media exposure! Reviews from satisfied consumers is the best way.

Light Socket Security Camera is in high demand these days and discounts won’t last long. Watch your pets wherever you go, take care of your children and the elderly, and keep your home safe. The easiest way to protect your property and keep you and your family safe is to do this – no expensive cameras, no expensive installations, and no extra costs.


Before making any kind of purchase, before investing in a product, it is a good idea to make a list of the pros and cons of owning a product. Below are some of the pros and cons of the Light Socket Security Camera.

Night Vision.

The fact that you can see clearly in the dark is an amazing advantage that security cameras offer, making nighttime home monitoring easier than ever before. If you hear an unusual noise and need to check it, just observe it with your mobile phone and you will be able to do so, by simply installing the Light Socket Security Camera.

Multiple Users.

This feature that the Light Socket Security Camera has offers an advantage because even if you’re not home or out of town, other family members can still see the live feed as long as they have the app connected and set up. It doesn’t have to be You and your partner or roommate can monitor the same feed at the same time using individual smartphones.

Alarm System.

An inbuilt Light Socket Security Camera alarm system combined with a motion detector that automatically flashes lights in the direction of movement is an amazing help in deterring theft. alert both that you are being tracked.


Compared to other forms of camera surveillance systems, Light Socket Security Camera is very cheap and affordable, and you can install it yourself, making it even more affordable. It will cost you up to $500 just to do it. Although this will cost only a tenth of this amount.


The material is mainly plastic. This means you can take your security camera with you anywhere as long as you have access to a light bulb to mount the Light Socket Security Camera on the spot.

Its light weight makes it ideal for carrying in your luggage or on your body.

Easy installation.

You can change the bulb or install the Light Socket Security Camera relatively easily. Yes, it’s literally as easy as changing a light bulb, no exaggeration.

The final argument I would make is that it’s easy to set up. This app is available completely free on the respective iOS and Android app stores.

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What makes the Light Socket Security Camera unique?

The latest technological advances in affordable home security help you feel more comfortable while on the go.

It has a high-definition camera that plugs into a regular light bulb plug and connects wirelessly to your home network. It can also be connected to any air conditioning system using the adapters available on the till.

To deter potential intruders, the new CCTV Camera Light Socket Security Camera has no blind spots and provides a high-quality panoramic view of your home. You can attach this security camera to a surveillance light or move it around your home to find the places of most interest.

As you can see, the Light Socket Security Camera is an easy-to-install device packed with innovative features that can be used inside and outside your home or business.

Includes 360 degree rotation, full color night vision and 1080p video resolution. Motion tracking works flawlessly, and the alarm feature deters thieves.

Smarty Security Bulb cameras detect activity and alert homeowners in high quality 1080p without the use of cloud storage, batteries, adapters, cables or other third party devices.


  • Unlike most security cameras on the market, installation requires professional CCTV knowledge and tools.
  • It features an SD slot for video backup storage. The amount of data saved depends on the size of the SD card used.
  • 360° rotation is useful for eliminating blind spots when monitoring a specific area with a live feed.
  • Most smartphones use an Android or iOS operating system, so the camera can be paired with almost any smartphone. Compact and lightweight.
  • The clean form and silhouette look beautiful.
  • Equipped with a super bright LED bulb, it can also be used as a light bulb.
  • This security camera is equipped with 8 small LED lights, so you can see well at night.
  • Equipped with a convenient motion detection function for your home entrance door. The 2-way speaker makes it easy to talk and deliver messages through the Light Socket Security Camera, as long as it’s connected to a WiFi internet network of course.


  • Can only be purchased on the official website.
  • It shuts off when there is a power outage.
  • May break easily if it falls from a height because it’s made predominantly of plastic.


Do I need to install the Light Socket Security Camera?

No, it’s very easy to use and works out of the box. In less than 60 seconds, you can use it to protect your home or office.

Do I need to use batteries to work?

No! The Light Socket Security Camera Plugs into any existing outlet in your home or office and uses the same amount of power as a standard light bulb.

What about refunds?

If you are not completely satisfied with the Light Socket Security Camera after using it, please contact customer service within 30 days from the transaction and return the item for a full refund.

What exactly is in the package?

You’ll find in the box of the Light Socket Security Camera; A wireless security that works like a box of screws, a manual, and a light bulb.

Will it work even during uninterrupted or power outages?

No. The Light Socket Security Camera requires a constant power supply to function. Bulb security cameras do not have batteries to keep them powered in the event of a power outage.

What is the life expectancy of this camera?

Generous care procedures should be able to keep it for 20 years or more. You can also purchase a 3-year warranty that includes a full replacement if anything goes wrong with your Light Socket Security Camera.

Can you notify me when someone is at the door?

yes. If the Light Socket Security Camera can capture movement around doors and windows, you’ll be notified when someone reaches the stairs in front of you.

How to use the light socket security camera

The Light Socket Security Camera installs smoothly and is similar in some ways to replacing a light bulb. Just use his WiFi at home to connect to your mobile operator.

How to download the app?

Just scan the QR code on the user manual packaging and you will be redirected to the website where you can download the app on any device.


The Light Socket Security Camera is an easy-to-install camera that fits into any wall bulb or lamp socket.

This makes it easy for anyone to install it on the wall. Incredible clarity, 1080p resolution for everyone to see.

The Light Socket Security Camera is simpler and better than other security cameras because it can communicate with light socket security cameras to detect motion.

Light Socket Security Camera is the most cost-effective way to protect your home. A secure way to monitor your property and deter intruders. It has a user rating of 4.8 out of 5, which is pretty impressive. The camera is easy to set up and can be monitored remotely, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners.

The Light Socket Security Camera also emits a nice diffused light. Gives off the same amount of light as other safety lamps. Manage your bulb settings and schedule on/off times from anywhere in your home.

Everyone who has tried Light Socket Security Camera raves about it. Many customers consider this product a blessing. Due to its low price, it is ideal for those who want to increase the security of their home. Simply put, it’s an inexpensive and practical solution to anti-theft. This really is the best security for your home and family.

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