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Lifevac Reviews – You Must Read This Before You Buy Lifevac Home Kit!

Choking in the care setting is often referred to as the “silent killer” and the greatest fear of caregivers. Understanding why we need to understand the risks of choking in the care setting and why the elderly/vulnerable community is at such  a high risk of choking is crucial.

Asphyxiation is a leading cause of accidental death in adults over 65. It has many reasons, and the most common are  dysphagia, salivation deficiency due to side effects from taking medication, and physical disabilities that someone in a  wheelchair can refer to for everyday activities.

People over 65 are seven times more likely to choke on food than children aged 1-4.

Have you heard about a life-saving device that only has three easy steps to perform when someone is choking? Well, I  will first tell a small story before I introduce you to this device.

A 5-year-old baby was sitting in his high chair having breakfast per his usual ritual. But this time, it was different.  Everyone around saw something different on his face.

They usually can’t get him quiet. Yet, all of a sudden, he starts to choke slowly. And without wasting another second, his  choking got much more rapid.

Nobody will ever forget his father’s scared face clouded with horror. He realized that his son was choking, and he  couldn’t breathe. Both the parents were running to the kitchen. But fortunately, the husband knew what to do. He  grabbed the life-saving LifeVac. This device saved his son’s life using a one-start.

He took him out of the seat, laid him on the floor, and put the Lifevac over his face. After one pump, it was all removed  from his mouth. And the child was breathing as he usually does.

Thankfully LifeVac worked! After all, giving backslaps to a young child would be dangerous. After reading this, you all are surprised to discover about this LifeVac. So let’s get started.

What Is LifeVac?

When backslaps, first aid, and all other methods fail an emergency, LifeVac saves lives.

LifeVac is an airway cleaning device that quickly and safely clears obstructions when someone is choking. Unlike back  and stomach punches, LifeVac uses suction to remove the object rather than using a blunt force. If you use it after trying  back punches and stomach thrusts after all these years, you will be surprised why you didn’t find this much earlier. It’s  like a “safety net” for all other methods. Children and adults can use this device, including two sizes of a mask.

If you notice any illness, disorder any other health issues, please consult a doctor. Clinical studies have shown that  LifeVac is 100% effective to date. It’s a breakthrough in the medical and first-aid field, and I won’t be surprised if every  household, restaurant, and retirement home has a set of LifeVacs. LifeVac works – and has already saved over 400 lives.

LifeVac is the ONLY airway cleaner backed by multiple peer-reviewed medical publications on lives saved, independent  testing, safety, efficacy, and ease of use. We can proudly say that they are medically proven to become the safest, most  effective, and easiest way to use it worldwide as an airway cleaning device. In the medical field, it is a highly used device  for Asphyxiation.

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LifeVac Device – The Only Non-Invasive Airway Clearing Device

LifeVac device has a patented one-way valve system, meaning air cannot be forced through the interchangeable size  masks during donning. It removes food or objects safely using a one-way suction. It is a non-invasive suction device. But  there is no risk of damaging the person like stomach punches such as;

  • Damaging the oral cavity
  • Pushing the obstruction further down
  • Pushing the tongue back in a panic situation
  • Not blocking tubes making the device useless
  • Triggering the gag reflex and causing the sufferer to go into a greater risk.

LifeVac is the only non-invasive airway clearing device and the only airway clearing device with independent medical  testing, peer-reviewed medical publications, and medical abstracts demonstrating safety, efficacy, and lives saved.

LifeVac created the airway clearing device market and is at the forefront of airway clearing device technology. How Do You Use LifeVac

Using LifeVac is simple. Place the device over the victim’s nose and mouth, press down on the handle to squeeze the  device, and pull up with a quick jerk. As simple as that.

  • Place

First, place the mask over the victim’s nose and mouth. Make sure the cover creates a seal to prevent air from escaping  around the seal.

  • Push

Press the handle to remove all the air from the plunger.

  • Pull

Grasp both the jaw and the mask and quickly pull up to remove the obstruction with one hand.

Considering most cases, the chocking object will come out on the first move – but you can repeat this process if  necessary. But Lifevac seals the victim’s mouth by creating a vacuum. Think of LifeVac as a fire extinguisher. You don’t  always need this device, but you should have one just like that. It must be ready to use within seconds. Thanks to its  innovative design, it’s painless and does not need any physical strength.

The negative pressure created by the suction force is three times greater than the highest recorded abdominal thrusts.  LifeVac generates over 300mmHg of suction. The duration of suction is minimal, making LifeVac safe and effective. No  prescription is required.

LifeVac Home Kit

The LifeVac is a non-invasive, non-powered, single-use airway clearance device developed to resuscitate a victim with an  airway obstruction when current suffocation protocols have been followed without success. LifeVac includes a one-way  valve that will not allow air to enter a choking victim toward downward movement. It consists of a fully equipped adult  mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. LifeVac’s pressure duration is minimal, making it safe and effective. LifeVac  is easy to use in an obstructed airway emergency.

What’s Included In The LifeVac Home kit 

  • Lifevac suction device
  • Adult mask
  • Easy instruction guide
  • Practise Mask
  • Child mask
  • And chocking prevention tips book, which is essential.

What’s More?

  • Easy-grip handle – Provides a secure grip for easy operation.
  • Powerful plunger – Quickly removes airway blockages.
  • interchangeable masks – Includes child and adult sizes
  • one-way valve – It only allows suction of the airway as it never pushes the air


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Who Needs LifeVac The Most

Despite its recent launch, LifeVac is already causing a worldwide sensation. Stories have poured in from families, nursing  homes, and restaurants, while thousands of homes have been outfitted.

Of course, there is also actual science-backed research behind it. That is precisely why doctors now highly recommend  LifeVac, especially for anyone living alone, young children, the elderly, the obese, pregnant women, and those who are  prone to choking.

You can use LifeVac to save yourself from choking.

How Does LifeVac Work

People can be grouped into two types.

  1. Those who did not care about the product
  2. Those who really cared about its performance.

If you’ve read this product guide up to this point, I think you’re one of the latter. But before explaining how the device  works, you need to understand that it does not require any special training to use it. Here is the step that shows its  performance.

This product comes with a special mask. The first step you should follow when using this product is to place the cover on  the choking victim’s place.

Hold the mask and seal the victim’s face to prevent air leakage. Once you are sure there is a seal, you can proceed to the  next step.

There is a handle you can use to push the plunger down. While holding the mask with one hand, press down on the  handle with the other hand.

After pressing the handle firmly and ensuring everything is down, quickly pull the hold up with one hand to stretch it.  Make sure your other hand is still on the mask throughout the process.

Turn the choking victim’s head to the other side, roll his body sideways as well, and you will find the stuck object  popping out of his mouth. Remove the debris and the mask.

It is a safe move as the valve is designed only to go one way. It ensures that the user does not accidentally push the  obstruction further into the airway. LifeVac is for single use only, so you may want to stock up for future expenses.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using LifeVac

After going through several clinical trials and LifeVac reviews, LifeVac is considered safe and effective. When so many  doctors and professionals recommend a product, they mostly speak about safety and effectiveness. Life Vac is deemed  safe and effective after undergoing multiple clinical trials and third-party reviews.


  • The device is both time-saving and life-saving: Every second counts in choking emergencies. From struggling to breathe to seeking help, time is a factor, and this device comes in handy. All it takes to cure the victim in place is a push and pull.
  • LifeVac can be used for adults and children alike: Only those immune to suffocation are exempt from using this device. Since choking is not resistant to anyone, everyone should own the device as a necessary utility and household item.
  • No Prescription: You do not need a prescription from a doctor to use this product. The lack of recipes is why the device was a necessary household item. Depending on your needs, you only need to keep one or two of the products and use them in emergencies.
  • This product is latex-free: Well, you will know that once you receive the product. So if you are latex allergic, you don’t need to worry at all.


This product is good – fine. Several medics are also exciting it – that’s fine too. But all good things have their downsides.  There are some things this product can’t do and others that the device can’t do. I’ve briefly noted these disadvantages  below.

  • It requires you to meet specific suffocation protocols before use: According to the protocol, for example, it cannot replace the Heimlich maneuver. It can only complement it.
  • This product is only for humans, Not Humane: Products are humane if they can save both human and animal life. Life Vac doesn’t work that way. The product may only be used on humans, not on pets. • Choke, Don’t Drown: The company that sells the device has stated that it can only be used on choking victims and not drowning victims.
  • This includes medical restrictions. Like other medical products, Life Vac has rules.
  • LifeVac cannot be used on children under 22 pounds.

Why Choose LifeVac

In choking emergencies, when first aid and all other methods fail, LifeVac saves a life.

LifeVac Airway Clearance Device – Anti-Asphyxia Device is FDA, MHRA, UKCA, and CE accredited. LifeVac is approved for  use in all countries to sell.

It is a leader in airway clearance device technology and is the only ACD with peer-reviewed medical publications,  usability, independent medical tests, and medical summaries demonstrating safety, efficacy, and life-saving. Moreover,  99% of LifeVac reviews state its exclusivity.

LifeVac is very important to your life. It is practical, non-invasive, and, most importantly, safe to use. Moreover, the  LifeVac team is experts in giving first-ait to choking people. We’ve spent years studying choking and helping people save  lives when first aid BLS choking protocol fails.

LifeVac is the ONLY airway clearance device backed by multiple peer-reviewed medical publications, independent  medical tests, and medical abstracts proving safety and effectiveness.

Additionally, they are proud to become the world’s number one choking prevention device, clinically and scientifically  proven, to become the most effective airway clearance device in the world, which has got number one in safety.

LifeVac VS DeChocker

I have mentioned about This amazing life-saving LifeVac. So let me explain about DeChorcker. What is DeChoker?

Like LifeVac, DeChoker is also an airway cleaning device that removes any food or other objects that may be stuck in  your airways. It can be used at any age, although the child must be at least one year old. Dechorcker is designed to work  with everyone despite any pre-existing condition or illness and for everyone.

The compact design makes Dechoker easy to store away until needed. If someone has a blocked airway, get the  Dechoker device from where it was stored.

This is how a Dechorker works

DeChoker works when you put the mask on the victim’s mouth and insert the tube down their throat. Then you should  pull the plunger, causing the device to suck out whatever is stuck in the airways. It is safe to use in an awake person.  Interestingly, despite the tube going down the throat, most people say it doesn’t cause pain.

LifeVac VS Dechocker, which is better?

Both LifeVac and DeChoker serve the same purpose – to unclog a person’s airway by suctioning the blockages. There are  some differences between these two in terms of form, pricing, and features. The two devices also differ in their  respective durability and the weight of the individual developers



By reading this, you can understand which is better, LifeVac vs Dechoker. LifeVac is better to use when considering  safety and effectiveness.

Is LifeVac Safe?

Reports suggest that LifeVac, which is made in the United States of America, is safe to use. It has been evaluated and  validated through third-party use and LifeVac Reviews. It has also been assessed in various clinical trials to ensure it is  safe for consumers. It has also been registered with the Food and Drug Administration, which adds to the product’s  authenticity. At LifeVac, you get an adult, child, and trained mask.

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Is LifeVac FDA Approved?

This section is very important to peple who are wondering is LifeVac FDA approved. Although the patented LifeVac  device has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class 2 certified medical device, it is not  technically a medical device as it would be medicine. Therefore, the FDA would not have the authority to approve it.

Still, the evidence seems to speak for itself and adheres to all the agency’s standards for such devices. At 100%  effectiveness, there are no known short or long-term side effects from using this device.

LifeVac Controversy

In its latest advice, the Resuscitation Council UK, a charity developing guidelines for health and care professionals, says  recommended treatment for choking attacks includes blows to the back and abdominal thrusts. It acknowledges that a  range of suction-based airway cleaning devices is available in the UK. But says that “There is insufficient evidence on the  safety or effectiveness of these devices to recommend. We concerned that devices might use established treatments.”  delay against suffocation.

There are 300 deaths per year from Asphyxiation in the UK, with most deaths among the elderly. The suction devices  were primarily developed in the USA, based mainly on case reports and not clinical studies.

Where Can I Buy LifeVac?

You can purchase your LifeVac from their official website. They also offer many ways you can pay without getting into  LifeVac scams. You can pay with credit, debit, master card, Visa Card, Amex, etc. No need to leave your home or the  stress of standing behind a queue at a supermarket.

Their official website is also safe and secure; there is practically no risk of your private data/payment details being  stolen. You can also enjoy currently available discounts if you’re making the purchase through the official site. Once you  have placed your order and made the payments, the manufacturers will ship your LifeVac immediately.

Getting into LifVac scams will let your life in danger, and the sources are not very safe as you risk buying the wrong  thing. Internet fraud and cyber theft are rampant these days, so buying from the manufacturer’s website is advisable.

This product is currently available with discounts and a 10-day money-back guarantee offer. The makers of the LifeVac  have made this suction device very affordable and will not overwhelm you financially. Be prepared for any choking  incident after purchasing the LifeVac.

For those who are mentally debating, “is LifeVac safe? “, “does LifeVac work? ” and “is LifeVac legit?” it’s a big YES to all  these questions. By reading the LifeVac reviews and features, we can say you can’t stay without this. So what are you  waiting for? Go and get a life-saving LifeVac right now.

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How Much Does LifeVac Cost?

The official site offers you ten days of the money-back guarantee. We have checked out many customers and users  about LifeVac reviews on the product and given testimonies about how it saved their lives. If you’re scared of purchasing  products online, we guarantee you that if you buy through the official site, you have nothing to worry. There are many  offers, and you can find a LifeVac coupon code to make your purchase easier.

The manufacturers have tested this product and are confident it will meet your expectations. If you are unhappy with  your purchase and wish to return it, you can return your Lifevac within ten days of receiving your order. They also have  customer service representatives to help you make a hassle-free return and get a full refund.

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These are the currently available offers on that site.

  • Buy two get one LifeVac free
  • Buy three get one LifeVac free + free shipping
  • Buy one LifeVac and save up to $30


LifeVac feature – LifeVac Canada, USA, Australia, UK & Rest Of The World

The LifeVac offers you so many unique features and specifications. We will discuss some of Lifevac’s features in this  section.

  • Proven Safe And Effective – The Lifevac is effective and safe to use. Many customers and users gave good feedback about this product and stated how t saved their family members.
  • You Can Use Lifevac In Seconds.
  • It Is So Easy To Use – The instructions for use are in this article, and you can do the whole process in minimal time.
  • The LifeVac can be used on both adults and children.
  • You can try use LifeVac on yourself – But it’s advisable to consult your GP or the nearest health center if you have a health condition. The package you will receive includes a child mask (for children over 22 pounds), and there is a mask for adults and parents
  • Easy To Carry – The Lifevac is lightweight and portable. You can just throw it in your briefcase or travel bag. No Prescription Required – This life-saving device is safe to use, and you do not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it. Substantial Discounts On Bundles – The Lifevac is sold at delicious discounts. There are various offers  and accompanying discounts.

Conclusion on LifeVac Reviews

In summary, LifeVac is a patented life-saving device that effectively rescues a choking child or adult. The suction creates  a vacuum, and once you pull up, the LifeVac removes the object or food particles. This device is so durable that you may  only need to pull it once to save the victim. It is easy to use and will help you get relief in seconds. This product is  available in many countries and has helped save choking children and adults. It can be carried out efficiently.

LifeVac is a non-invasive airway cleaning device. Unlike other methods that require driving tools down the victim’s  throat, the Lifevac is painless and non-invasive.

You can also enjoy fantastic discounts if you buy them from their official website at a very affordable price and without  getting caught in LifeVac scams. You cannot afford to risk the life or health of you or any member of your family. This  product is among those gadgets you must have at home in an unforeseen health emergency. Although, you should not  use LifeVac for babies under the age of 1.

LifeVac is trending online on their official website and has saved so many people. So, without thinking any further, drop  into their website and do your purchase right away!

Does LifeVac really work?

After considering customer reviews and the LifeVac features, you know that IT WORKS! LifeVac is filled with every  element that needs to clear someone’s airways properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I expect my order?

It varies by location, but manufacturers, on average, ship to most locations as quickly as possible. 02. If I order more LifeVac, Can I get a discount?

Of course, you get discounts if you buy more than one Lifevac. Manufacturers have given huge discounts depending on  the package you want.

  1. What is the Lifevac return policy?

This product works without a doubt. There is a lot of feedback and positive comments about this product.

  1. Is choking a big problem?

Choking and choking are responsible for about 11% of deaths in children under 14, and the most likely objects are  lollipops and coins. The second leading cause of death in elderly care is suffocation or nearly 8% of premature deaths.

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