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League of Legends Jinx build guide

League of Legends Jinx is a very good ADC champion with a very good damage-making ability. If the player can know the best build of jinx , then he can play a very powerful ability. In this article, there will be the best construction guide for jinx , and players can learn about it by watching the article.

jinx rune selection

League of Legends Jinx is powerful because the more he fights in the team battle, the more brave he becomes. If jinx participates in a kill in the team battle, the movement speed and attack speed will be greatly improved. The current selection of jinx runes is not aimed at attack speed, but at killing ability.


Lethal Tempo

The normal attack and attack on the enemy hero are superimposed, lasting for 6 seconds, and can add up to 6 times. Gain (Melee 13%/Range 7%) outer attack speed per layer, reach (Melee 78%/Range 42%) outer attack speed at maximum stack, gain 50 extra attack range and cap attack speed at maximum stack Increase to 10. The stack decays by 1 every 0.5 seconds upon expiration.



Presence of Mind

After knocking down a champion, restore 15% of your maximum mana or 15% of your maximum energy after a 1 second delay.

Dealing damage to enemy heroes increases your mana regen by 1.5-11 per second (depending on level), and reduces effectiveness to 80% for ranged heroes for 4 seconds. When this effect is triggered, the energy user regenerates 1.5 energy per second instead



Legend: Bloodline

Passive: Legendary gains 0.4% lifesteal per stack, up to 6% at 15 stacks. At maximum legendary stacks, gain 100 extra health

Legendary: Gain legendary stacks for every 100 points gained, up to 15 layers:

100 points for knocking down the champion

100 points for defeating epic monsters

25 points for killing large monsters

Kill minions 4 points



Coup de Grace

Deals 89 more damage to heroes below 40% health.


Magical Footwear

Every knockdown gives you boots 45 seconds earlier

You can get light occult boots for free after 12 minutes, but you can’t buy boots until then

Slightly Magical Boots give you an additional +10 movement speed



Biscuit Delivery

Get Total Cookies of Eternal Will at 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00. If stock is full when cookies are received

Cookies will appear as soon as they become available in inventory.

Eating the cookie immediately grants 40 mana and permanently increases the mana cap by 40, along with its effects. If you sell the cookie for 5 gold, you also get increased mana.

Manaless; champions without mana restore 129 lost health instead

jinx item build

However, the current jinx item construction is mainly based on attack speed, critical strike rate and critical strike damage, so it is a violent construction, and it is protected by a shield against ordinary assassins, so it will not be easily killed. But the ability gained by participating in the kill is very necessary to be able to play its role to the greatest extent.


Kraken Slayer

Each attack for 3 seconds deals 50 (+04 damage per attack) bonus true hit damage


Phantom Dancer

Grants ghosting, 7 extra movement speed, and a stack of Ghost Waltz when attacking with a normal attack for 3 seconds, up to 4 stacks. Gain 30% bonus attack speed when reaching 4 stacks.


Infinity Edge

Gain 35 Extra Critical Strike Damage if you have at least 60 % Critical Strike Chance


Lord Dominik’s Regards

Deals 0~15 % bonus physical damage (depends on health difference )



Stealing health from basic attacks now allows you to overheal, turning excess healing into a shield that absorbs up to 50-320 damage (depending on level) if you haven’t dealt or dealt in the last 25 seconds Taking damage, it slowly decays .







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