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Lead Tracking Software for Your Business Success: From A to Z

High-intent leads are the top priority for any online business because they are the most likely to convert. Aside from immediate profits, these soon-to-be customers can provide insight into your current performance and how it can be improved. To obtain this valuable information, though, you have to track your leads properly.

Top-shelf lead tracking software from Phonexa dissects the customer journey to put you in the driver’s seat of your lead generation efforts. From demographics to engagement to on-page activity, Phonexa’s lead tracking software — part of the all-encompassing LMS Sync ecosystem — provides you the insights you need to draw more sales with less effort. With lead management and analytics software, Phonexa’s lead tracker creates a full-cycle lead management system that turns leads into clients while keeping tabs on constantly-evolving customer behavior and demands.

Automated solutions like Phonexa facilitate lead tracking to the point where the software does all the dirty work with little supervision, allowing you to focus on things you cannot automate.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stay oblivious to how lead tracking works.

Let’s get down to it.

Tracking Your Leads To Collect More Customer Data

The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them — and generate more profit along the way. Lead tracking software unlocks every customer action from the first interaction with your marketing campaign to the conversion.

Here’s how it works:

  • As your customers browse your website, click your ads, fill out forms, etc., lead tracking software collects every bit of trackable information to
    • Distribute them effectively in real-time (for example, to a relevant sales agent)
    • Give you insights on how you can attract more high-intent leads

Likewise, a lead tracking system can help you evaluate the performance of your affiliate campaigns. By knowing where your leads are coming from and their worth, you can customize your affiliate links, double down on the most effective partnerships, and eliminate unprofitable ones.

Why Is Lead Tracking So Important?

Now that you know what lead tracking does, it’s impossible to imagine an online business operating without it. Indeed, from streamlining the sales funnel to enhancing the customer journey to updating your marketing campaigns, every business initiative is based on customer data.

Here are some reinforcing statistics:

With the rising cost of lead generation, collecting as much information on your leads as possible is paramount. For that, though, you need to automate the process. Automated lead tracking saves time, increases customer engagement, allows for timely communications, and boosts up-selling, among many other benefits.

How You Can Improve Your Business With Automated Lead Tracking

  • Segmentation. Grouping your customers based on demographics, psychographics, location, age, gender, budget, and other collected information will allow you to create tailor-made marketing campaigns for every category of leads.
  • Customer journey. Knowing your customers will allow you to distribute them accurately while making the sales agents aware of whom they will speak to in advance. Informed sales agents typically close more sales.
  • Budget allocation. Lead tracking will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, allowing for a performance-based budget allocation across all marketing channels, including affiliates.
  • Fraud prevention. Detecting fraudulent and duplicated leads and preventing them from moving down the sales funnel will save you time and money.
  • Predictive modeling. Data collecting will allow you to predict the success of ongoing and upcoming campaigns — for example, by using a sales lead tracking template — reveal the markets you can expand on, and safely plan your future.

Automated Lead Tracking + Lead Distribution + Lead Analytics = Success

As powerful as lead tracking is, it is not isolated from the ecosystem of lead management and, therefore, cannot be effective when implemented alone. For the best results, lead tracking should synergize with precise lead distribution and effective analytics, a combination enabled by industry-leading lead management systems like Phonexa’s LMS Sync.