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LAWS.COM, the 2023 Legal Tech AI Leader, Makes a Strategic Chess Move, Pioneering Innovations in the Legal Tech Industry

Boca Raton, Florida, United States, September 27, 2023 – Legal information has often been difficult and inaccessible for most. Laws.com is one of the leading online legal information platforms aiming to change this by developing Artificial Intelligence-powered legal tech that makes legal resources and attorneys accessible no matter your economic standing. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence’s power for quality tools that deliver legal codes, statutes, cases resources as well as accessing lawyers in an easy-to-understand format is one of the goals this platform strives for.

Boris Kreiman, an accomplished Chess Grandmaster and AI analyst has designed and created AI legal tech. Kreiman boasts 20+ years of experience with technology and AI analytical processes and was among the earliest researchers exploring its power during its early days of exploration in 2000s. Throughout his career he witnessed Artificial Intelligence’s birth; witnessing its development into analytics processing capabilities before believing AI may help equal justice as well as revolutionize industry operations of legal tech operations.

Laws.com’s goal with AI legal technologies and tools is to democratize legal knowledge for everyone – not only legal industry professionals. Users of this platform have access to legal forms and issues including immigration law, family law, real estate law and business law; big data analysis provided by AI algorithms is made accessible. Plus the platform features an intuitive user-friendly interface, making complex concepts understandable without breaking through to obscure parts of legal jargon.

Laws Legal Network development of AI legal tech marks an historic achievement within the legal industry, as its revolutionary nature could upend how legal data is accessed. By employing this revolutionary AI tech to make information more readily accessible than ever, breaking economic barriers that have long prevented marginalized groups from accessing essential legal resources.

Laws.com’s new AI legal tech exemplifies AI’s remarkable potential and its transformative effect in legal sector. Boasting an intuitive user-experience and accessible format, Laws.com will give many people the resources necessary for successfully managing complex legal matters.

Laws Network strives to democratize legal knowledge by making it available and accessible for everyone, no matter their economic background. With AI legal tech at their core, Laws.com promises an intuitive platform with cutting-edge AI capabilities aimed at breaking through boundaries and restrictions for users seeking information. They offer legal information like legal forms, statutes, cases and attorneys worldwide through this free service that makes legal knowledge easily available online.

Legal cases are often complicated, and understanding them can be a daunting task. But the revolution of technology has made it possible to simplify legal jargon and make it accessible to everyone. The Laws.com AI legal tech is a new platform that is set to offer an unprecedented level of access to legal information, codes, statues, cases, resources, and attorneys. This technology leverages artificial intelligence and big data analysis to provide a simplified and comprehensive solution for the legal industry. Using the Laws.com AI legal tech can help increase productivity, reduce risk, and improve decision-making, benefiting both industry professionals and clients alike.

Conclusion – Laws.com’s new AI legal tech represents an extraordinary leap forward for legal services worldwide. AI plays an indispensable part in its platform, showing just how far AI technology has come to transform legal information access by making legal knowledge more readily accessible than ever. This platform will level the playing field for individuals globally by making legal topics that were once unavailable and opaque more approachable and transparent. Laws.com’s AI-powered platform with its intuitive user experience and data analysis features is a useful asset to both individuals and legal industry professionals seeking legal information quickly and efficiently. By employing cutting edge AI legal tech solutions like these, Laws.com is helping bring legal services into the 21st Century ensuring legal knowledge can be easily accessible no matter their economic background or geographical location.


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