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Lana Del Rey and Songwriter Carter Davis Met Through Dove Cameron

One of NORD‘s most notable achievements is his various collaborations with Dove Cameron, the Disney Channel actress turned Pop star. The two met in the studio while working on a project for Disney, and they quickly hit it off as a tuned creative duo. Davis was impressed with Cameron‘s natural talent and work ethic, and the two began to collaborate on a series of songs.

It was during one of these sessions that NORD had the chance to meet Pop sensation Lana Del Rey. Del Rey had stopped by the studio to meet with Dove, and Carter was introduced to her by his collaborator. NORD was thrilled to meet one of his musical heroes, and the three musicians quickly hit it off.

Carter Davis as a songwriter (NORD as an independent artist), is a comet soaring through seemingly unbreakable ceilings in the music industry. With nine RIAA Gold and Platinum certifications awarded as a result of his diligent lyrical efforts, he has proven himself to be a master of his craft. NORD‘s unique songwriting style has been described as a fusion of Pop, Electronic, and R&B, making his music appeal to a broad demographic.

NORD was particularly impressed with Del Rey‘s dedication to her craft. He was amazed at how focused she was during the recording sessions, never taking a break or losing her energy. Davis was also struck by Del Rey‘s talent as a songwriter, and he found himself learning a lot from her creative process.

As Oregon’s rising musical icon continues to positively impact the music industry, he remains humble and focused on his craft. Carter knows that success is never guaranteed in the music business, but he also knows that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. And who knows – maybe one day we will see NORD and Lana Del Rey collaborating on projects of their own together.