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Lab Grown Diamonds: The Future Of The Jewelry Industry

Mined not from nature’s bounty but created by men, lab grown diamonds or lab diamonds are a trend scaling upwards that jewelry enthusiasts can not get enough of.

Lab diamonds, produced at an accelerated pace and at a more budget-friendly cost without creating considerable environmental damage like mined diamonds, still have the physical and chemical characteristics of naturally mined stones, making them quite a hit with modern-day diamond jewelry lovers.

Diamond consumers today, especially younger millennials and Gen Z, are conscious about the future of our environment. Lab diamonds offer a solution as the carbon footprint left behind in the lab grown diamond creation process is much more transparent than mined diamonds. The fact that they are a part of an ethical diamond supply chain also makes them a more reliable gemstone, unlike mined diamonds, infamous for paying minimum wages to employees who dig out the stones.

The Future Of Lab Grown Diamonds

The future looks great for lab grown diamonds thanks to their reputation for being an ethical and environmentally friendly gemstone.

Experts within the industry estimate a 22 percent growth rate up to the year 2026, showcasing an uphill trend for lab grown diamonds that won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

With the popularity of lab grown diamonds surging because of their sustainability feature, more consumers are choosing lab created diamonds over traditionally mined stones, giving the lab diamond industry a bright future to look forward to.

Friendly Diamonds: A Frontrunner in The Lab Diamond Industry

Friendly Diamonds, based in New York, is an online lab diamond jewelry store committed to sustainability and transparency to create an eco-friendly jewelry industry.

With its online store, the brand is a customer-driven enterprise dedicated to giving customers their desired jewelry pieces, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and everyday pieces like earrings, pendants, and tennis bracelets crafted with ethical GIA and IGI certified lab grown diamonds created in state-of-the-art laboratories.

In fact, the brand recently upgraded its website to create a more seamless shopping experience when looking for lab diamond jewelry. Friendly Diamonds also offers high-value-added services along with an extensive range of new products added to their inventory to give customers what they want when shopping for jewelry.

Another significant benefit to shopping with Friendly Diamonds is that you get your jewelry at budget-friendly deals without compromising on quality and ethics. You also get to create your own engagement ring by choosing your ring setting, and lab diamond shape and completing your ring in your desired style.

You can also create jewelry from scratch and make a bespoke piece just for you. The brand also offers a free in-person consultation at their office or an online video consultation to clear your doubts and answer all your questions related to lab diamonds and lab diamond jewelry.

A Bright Future

With the demand for lab grown diamonds growing with consumers and brands like Friendly Diamonds setting the tone for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable jewelry industry, the trend for lab grown diamonds won’t be slowing down anytime soon.