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Kinetex is set to redefine the DeFi industry

Kinetex was established with the goal of transforming the DeFi industry by making it more understandable to novice users and ensuring an enjoyable and productive experience with decentralized services, which were previously highly inaccessible.

DeFi has brought a wave of innovation to the financial sector, promising inclusive and borderless financial services. However, as the DeFi ecosystem expands, one significant challenge persists — the inaccessibility of many DeFi products and services. Long focused on innovative technologies, the DeFi industry has been neglecting the user-friendliness of their solutions. Complex user interfaces with an abundance of charts, graphs, and financial jargon intimidated novice users, deterring them from exploring DeFi. By streamlining user interfaces and offering user-friendly solutions, Kinetex can help demystify DeFi for a far broader audience.

The company was founded in 2023 and has already gained the approval of industry leaders due to its innovative solutions and fearless outlook on the future of crypto. Thanks to the funds raised, Kinetex has been able to advance its efforts, creating Zk light clients that work on various chains. First, these light clients will be available for Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, and Bitcoin. The latter means a major breakthrough in the development of blockchain technologies, enabling Kinetex to start building a connection between Bitcoin and the world of DeFi.

Kinetex will use Zk light clients in the Flash Trade protocol. This protocol enables instant swaps between users and resolvers, who are professional market makers completing user orders in the Flash Trade mode of the Kinetex dApp. Since resolvers supply liquidity to trade with users, Kinetex can avoid using liquidity pools, which hackers regularly attack. Consequently, Kinetex increases the security of swapping via the Kinetex dApp.

A liquidation system is another important feature that enhances Flash Trade’s security. It serves as an extra support layer, ensuring that all orders are completed and completed within a time limit. Liquidators step up when resolvers cannot fulfill user orders, doing it themselves to claim resolvers’ collateral as a reward.

Since resolvers complete orders, they free users from a range of necessary activities that they usually have to do, including finding better rates, choosing swap routes, and making gas payments. All users need to do is specify the assets they want to receive, and resolvers will make their offers. The best offer will be selected to fulfill the user’s order. This way, Kinetex makes the swapping process as effortless as ever, opening new opportunities for people who might have previously struggled with DeFi services.

Apart from Flash Trade, Kinetex offers one more mode of trading – Liquidity Aggregation. As the name suggests, this mode simplifies the process of finding adequate liquidity for over 5,000 cryptocurrencies by combining hundreds of liquidity sources within one dApp. Aggregated sources include such prominent DeFi projects as Rango Exchange, Connext, and Stargate. This mode also makes swapping accessible by providing automation of swaps with the help of Kinetex relay nodes and gasless flow.

Kinetex is a very young project that is powered by a team of ambitious crypto enthusiasts looking to redefine the DeFi industry, and their solutions have great potential to achieve that goal.