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Keep Your Eye Peeled: Storied is Shaking Up the Family History Industry

If you’re looking for a start-up that’s going somewhere, you’ll want to keep your eyes on Storied.com. The genealogy industry has been around for a long time, but a new company called Storied is looking to take it to the next chapter with its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to family history. This new platform is shaking up the industry by using graph technology to show a more enriched view of family and other relationships, and by going beyond just names and dates to capture full, rich family stories.

Go Beyond With the Family Tree

Storied’s graph-based technology offers a much more robust and flexible way to view family relationships than traditional family tree charts. By visualizing family relationships as a network of interconnected nodes, Storied provides a rich and engaging view of the family tree that highlights not just blood relationships, but also other important connections, such as adoptions, foster care, step-families, and even mentors, neighbors, pets, and more!

Stories Makes Records More

But Storied’s focus on capturing the full, rich stories of families is what truly sets it apart from other genealogy platforms. With its powerful collaboration tools, Storied makes it easy for families to work together to build their family tree and to share their stories and memories with one another. Whether it’s through adding photos, videos, or written accounts, Storied provides families with the tools they need to bring their family’s story to life.

Still Get The Records but Cheaper

In addition to its rich storytelling capabilities, Storied also offers a range of tools and resources for genealogy research. With access to historical records, historical newspapers and other sources of information, Storied makes it easy for users to learn about their ancestors and to build a more complete picture of their family’s history. Whether you’re just starting out on your genealogy journey or are a seasoned researcher, Storied provides a wealth of resources to help you uncover new stories and information about your family.

Inclusion and Collaboration

Another key benefit of Storied is its focus on inclusiveness. By going beyond traditional family relationships, Storied recognizes that families come in all shapes and sizes, and provides a platform that is inclusive of all types of families. Whether you’re part of a traditional nuclear family, a blended family, or a single-parent family, Storied provides a platform that allows you to build your family tree and to capture your family’s story in a way that is meaningful and relevant to you.

Keep Your Eyes Out

For investors, Storied, although not yet public, represents a tremendous opportunity in a growing market. With its innovative technology, engaging platform, and focus on inclusiveness, Storied is poised to capture a significant share of the genealogy market. Whether you’re looking for a new company to invest in or simply want to learn more about the latest developments in the genealogy industry, Storied is a company to watch. 

Storied is a cutting-edge family history company that is shaking up the genealogy industry with its graph-based technology and rich storytelling capabilities. Whether you’re looking to build your family tree, learn more about your ancestors, or simply connect with your family, Storied provides a platform that is both engaging and accessible. So why wait? Sign up today and start exploring your family’s story on Storied!