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Kayaking Experiences In Montreal: A Complete Guide

Whether enjoying a serene paddling experience on a calm lake or hurtling down on a streaming river, Canadians have a passion for water sports. Kayaking offers a versatile opportunity to enjoy nature. You can kayak across the turquoise waters, enjoy spectacular views and return home with cherishable memories.

With online venues for kayak rental Montreal, you don’t need to own a watercraft to enjoy the Canadian waterways. You can simply rent your vessel through the online platform and enjoy an invigorating adventure with your loved ones.

So how do you rent a kayak from an online rental venue? The process is simple!

How To Rent A Kayak From An Online Rental Venue In Montreal?

  • First, visit the online rental venue using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You will find a versatile listing of various watercraft hosted on the platform.


  • Browse through the watercraft listing to find an ideal match for your requirement. You can also use the filter or refine feature to fine-tune your search.


  • Once you have found the whistle that caters to your requirement, send a booking request to the owner directly. Depending on availability, the owner might accept, decline, or modify your request at this stage.


  • If the kayak owner declines your booking request, you can browse and find another watercraft from several other options listed on the venue.


  • If the owner accepts your booking request, you can directly chat with them using the integrated messaging system. Share your queries, concerns, travel requirements, and water adventure plan with the owner.


  • If the boat owner’s offering and your requirement match, you can confirm your booking by paying the entire amount.


  • You can follow the same process for renting other watercraft from online venues for luxury yachts and Jetski rental Montreal.

Now that you know how to rent a kayak from an online rental venue let’s explore some kayaking experiences that you can enjoy!

Kayaking Experiences in Montreal

Beach Kayaking

Located on the Lake of Two Mountains shoreline, Oka Provincial Park is about 45 minutes Northwest of Montreal. Apart from offering exceptional kayaking opportunities, the national park also features camping spots, hiking trails, and adventurous biking routes.

You can spend your day relaxing on the beach or paddling for hours. Enjoy remarkable wildlife during your kayaking expedition. You will find ample wildlife on the western shoreline since the border merges with a marshland. Ducks, frogs, herons, and geese can be easily spotted in the area.

As you delve more into the western horizon, you’ll experience stronger currents and steady winds. You can even spot parasailers and windsurfers taking advantage of the steady breeze.

After a tranquil kayaking session, you can relax on the beach and have a picnic with your family. Ensure to carry a waterproof pouch to store all your essentials.

While renting a Kayak from an online venue for kayak rental Montreal, ensure to ask the owner about the type and dimensions of the kayak.

Marsh Kayaking

Located right in between the eastern end of Montreal and the South shore of Boucherville suburbs, Les Îles de Boucherville offers kayaking opportunities that feel like a trip through the wilderness.

The launching junction might seem a little crowded. However, as you maneuver and advance through the kayaking trail, you’ll start enjoying a calm and composed atmosphere.

Paddle just over a kilometre along the St. Lawrence waterway, you can relish a completely private tour the rest of the way on calm waters.

The marshlands around Île de la Commune are home to wildlife species, including fish, ducks, herons, and various other birds. The sweet melody of birds and frogs will make you feel truly connected to nature.

Don’t forget to pack water and insect repellent for your kayaking trip. Regardless of the type of vessel you rent from an online venue for kayak and jetski rental Montreal, it is recommended that you prepare a checklist for packing the essentials.

River Kayaking

Located an hour’s drive from the southwestern horizon of Montreal, Huntingdon Offers the opportunity to glide down the Châteauguay or Trout River on a kayak tour.

Expect to spot several species of birds, throngs of frogs, and even deer resting on the riverbank. River kayaking at these mesmerizing locations offers you an exceptional chance to experience nature. These two river kayaking trails are fairly safe for newbies as well since the water is shallow and the route is remarkably simple.

After you complete the rental process by renting a kayak from an online venue for kayak rental Montreal, you’ll receive the kayak owner’s contact details. You can connect with them directly to decide on the meetup or launch location.

Practical Tips For Kayaking Adventure

  • Before taking the handover from the owner, ensure to check the kayak’s condition physically. Document your findings and inform the owner if you notice any damages or minor dents.
  • Don’t start your trip without a life jacket. A life jacket is legally mandatory for any water activities in Canada.
  • Always carry sunscreen, insect repellent, and plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t forget to carry a waterproof pouch to store your important essentials such as mobile phones, cameras, extra batteries, documents, etc.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the weather and environmental elements.
  • Check the local weather before starting your trip. You can always ask to reschedule the trip if the weather seems unfavourable.
  • Always check the refund cancellation and rescheduling conditions before renting your watercraft.
  • Book early to get the best deals.

Wrapping Up

Online venues for kayak and jetski rental Montreal have opened several avenues for travel enthusiasts to enjoy nature up and close. Rent your vessel from an online rental value and get ready for a beautiful aquatic journey.