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K9 Mania Dog Training Facility Launches Exciting New Dog Boarding and Grooming Services

New York, December 19, 2022 – K9 Mania Dog Training, a trailblazer in the dog training industry, is now expanding its services to cover dog boarding and grooming services. Based in Long Island, New York, they have a dog training facility dedicated to helping dog owners enjoy a better quality of life with their dogs by addressing and modifying their behavioral and obedience issues.

In addition to training dogs of all breeds and personalities, K9 Mania Dog Training has recently started offering dog boarding services. By providing a safe and secure place for their dog to stay in, the company hopes to provide better options for dog owners who need to be away from home for a while.

They offer structured walks for every 24-hour stay. They also offer additional boarding services to keep dogs entertained and well-cared for during their time at the facility, such as treadmill sessions, private play sessions, bath & blow-dry, as well as full grooming options.

According to their website, the company aims to provide the perfect solution to dog owners who “need to be out of the house but can’t bring their dog”, “can’t have their dog inside the house in the meantime”, or those that “can’t find someone to look after their dog while they’re gone”.

K9 Mania Dog Training also has an extensive network of Certified Dog Trainers and dog behaviorists in Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Diego, Tampa, and Greensboro. Through this network, they make dog training more accessible to dog owners in the area by providing them with the option of having their dog trained at home or at a board-and-train facility.

“At the end of the day, I’m just grateful [for] everybody here at K9 Mania,”  Alejandro Fallas, one of the company’s board-and-train clients said. He went on to talk about the   and how his dog stopped pulling on the leash and started listening to commands. “It has been a really good experience,” Mr. Fallas concluded.

For more details on the services provided by K9 Mania Dog Training, please visit https://k9maniadogtraining.com/

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