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The Singson family is commonly compared to the Kardashians or the Trumps of the Philippines. Due to its patriarch, Governor Chavit Singson, the Singson family have been  more established on the most solid foundations. John Singson is one of the Top 75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans, along with Jokoy, HER, Dave Bautista (Batista), Olivia Rodrigo, and  many others. John ranked #2 after Jokoy. Singson, who comes from a powerful family in the Philippines, chooses to grow his real estate business without his family’s help. John’s wealthy and famous family makes it difficult for him to separate his success from his family’s. “I wanted my own path, because when everything breaks apart, you can only help yourself, and that’s what I’m doing. Despite our history, I wanted to create my own name on top of what’s already established. I love the simplicity and quietness in life, I didn’t want to shadow from my family’s historical events but at the same time, I am proud of my family”.  

John Singson of Orange County, California is not a novice in the world of real estate. John views the current market, in which many appear to be experiencing difficulty, as one of the greatest purchasing opportunities for investors like himself. Coming from Southern California, John plans to expand to five other major states including Oregon, Texas, Hawaii, New York and Nevada. Singson’s credibility only grew over time as a result of receiving the Real Estate Businessman of the Year award and being featured on major media outlets such as FOX. John reveals how he acquired a fortune in the field of real estate by continually shattering records. “When you buy or invest houses or apartment buildings, you automatically gain money, knowing that you put your money aside from the bank is already a gain. We all do this for freedom, money is freedom, and to get money, you must work hard and play smart on your investments. When people say (people fight for money) they actually fight for freedom. I love having freedom, for me to get it, I must keep investing in the right things, and that’s investing in real estate” John shares.   

Mr. Singson is also known for increasing his clients’ financial stability through real estate investments. I tell this to people all the time; work to put aside money, then put that money in real estate, rent it out, wait a little bit, once it goes up in value you can either sell it or refinance it, then buy more and more and then repeat. This is the way to feed your children’s children’s children. John shares his upbringing in the Philippines. “Establishing myself in the United States was a big step for me, but it was a no-risk, no-reward situation where I had to just jump, a lot of people say I am supposed to be successful because I came from a certain family, but to be honest, not a dime came from any of them, this is the result of pure dedication and hard work“.  

As soon as Singson recognized the possibility to invest in real estate in the United States, he abandoned all hesitation. He shared on an interview that “Some say you have to wait for the perfect opportunity to leap in, but I jumped in that imperfect moment where everything wasn’t aligned, and that imperfect moment turned out to be the perfect moment for me to execute.”