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JasionBike Compares EB5 Roamer vs. EB5 Roamer ST

California, United States, March 13, 2024 – Hey there! Ready for a spin into the e-bike world? Today, we’re zooming in on the EB5 Roamer and the EB5 Roamer ST. These electric bikes are all the rage! They’re super fun, a breeze to ride, and they help keep our skies blue. Both e-bikes are top-notch, yet they have their own special features. We’re going to stack them side by side so you can pick the one that’s just right for you. Whether it’s for getting to school, commuting to work, or just cruising around, one of these might just be your next ride. Let’s roll out and explore!

Design Philosophy

Think of the EB5 Roamer as your trusty pal. It’s got a neat, straightforward look that’s always in style but doesn’t try too hard. Built to last, this e-bike’s all about being there for you, ride after ride.

Now meet the EB5 Roamer ST. Imagine the Roamer with a splash of pizzazz. It’s sleek, with a design that turns heads. But it’s not just about good looks; it’s crafted for a smooth ride. It’s like cruising into the future.

Motor and Power

Let’s look under the hood of these electric beauties. The EB5 Roamer is powered by a sturdy 1100W motor—think of it as the muscle that gets you moving. With the strength to breeze through town at 28 miles per hour, you’ll feel like you’ve got a supercharger under your feet.

Now, the EB5 Roamer ST has the same kind of motor, but it’s been bulked up even more. It also hits that brisk 28 miles per hour, but it shines when the road tilts up. Those hills that might slow others down? The ST motors up them with extra gusto, so you keep your speed without the extra sweat.

Battery and Range

The battery is the heart of these e-bikes, and it’s a green one at that. The EB5 Roamer’s battery is a pack of high-quality 18650 cells from Samsung SDI, rated at 48V11A. With UL 2271 certification, it’s not just powerful, it’s also safe and reliable. On a full charge, expect to roll out for about 62 miles. That means you could cross town and back on a single charge—no pit stops needed.

The EB5 Roamer ST’s battery is just as impressive, carrying the same specs. But it’s designed to be your long-haul buddy. It holds energy like a champ, making sure you can keep on going without worrying about your next charge. Run low? No problem. Pop out the battery, plug it in, and you’ll be ready to roll again in no time.


Safety’s not an afterthought with these rides. Both e-bikes come equipped with essential features like left and right turn signals, brake lights, rear tail lights, and bright front lights, ensuring you’re seen and can signal clearly on the road. With safety lights that meet stringent standards, these e-bikes are built to keep you riding with peace of mind, day or night.

Riding Experience

When you hop on the EB5 Roamer, you’ll feel like you’re riding your regular bike, but with a magic boost. It has gears that you can change, just like on a bike, so you can decide how fast you want to go. The ride is comfy because it’s got a special part that helps when you bump over cracks and bumps in the road.

The EB5 Roamer ST is like riding on a cloud. It’s got this cool feature that makes the ride super smooth, even if you’re going over a rocky path or a bumpy road. And with its gears, you get to choose your speed, just like on the Roamer, but with a little extra oomph that makes riding up hills feel like a breeze.

Safety Features

Riding safely is super important, and that’s why both e-bikes have bright lights so you can see and be seen, even when it’s getting dark. They have signals for turning left or right, just like a car, so you can let everyone know where you’re going.

The EB5 Roamer ST steps it up a notch. Its lights are even brighter, and the signals are super clear, which is great for when you’re riding around lots of cars and buses. It’s like having a safety shield made of light all around you!

User Interface and Control

Imagine a e-bike that not only takes you places but also tells you lots of cool stuff while you’re on the move. The EB5 Roamer has a nifty display that shows you how much battery you’ve got left, how fast you’re going, and how far you’ve traveled. The buttons are easy to press, even if you’re wearing gloves, and you can control all your lights and the power with just a thumb press.

The EB5 Roamer ST is like the Roamer’s tech-savvy sibling. It has a colorful display that’s super clear and bright, so you can read it even in sunshine. Plus, the controls are so smooth, making it easy to switch your speeds and turn on your lights. It’s like having a little computer on your handlebars that helps you control everything on your e-bike!

Practicality and Convenience

You know what’s great about these e-bikes? They’re designed to effortlessly integrate into your active lifestyle. The EB5 Roamer is sturdy and reliable, weighing 65 pounds. It’s made to last and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable product


The EB5 Roamer ST takes the practicality to the next level. It includes all the excellent features of the Roamer but adds a few more for enhanced convenience. There’s a special guard to prevent your clothes from getting caught in the chain, and the battery is easily removable for when you need to charge it. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bike that’s simple to use and ready to roll whenever you are.

Pricing and Value

Let’s talk about what these e-bikes will cost you. The EB5 Roamer is like a great deal at a candy store — you get a lot of sweetness for not a lot of cash. It’s priced just right for what it offers, which means you get a solid, dependable e-bike without emptying your piggy bank.

The EB5 Roamer ST is like getting the deluxe version of your favorite video game. It’s a bit pricier, but with all the extra features, it’s like getting the bonus level you always wanted. You’re paying for those added comforts and the flashy style, so if that’s your thing, it might be worth those extra dollars.

So, which e-bike wins this race? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. The EB5 Roamer is a fantastic choice if you want a straightforward e-bike that gets the job done and keeps things simple. It’s reliable, easy to use, and won’t break the bank.

The EB5 Roamer ST, on the other hand, is for those who want a bit more. More style, more features, and more flexibility. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for those perks, then the ST might just be your dream ride.

No matter which one you choose, both e-bikes are sure to bring a lot of fun and freedom to your travels. Happy biking!


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