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James Roan is Hungry and Ready for the Big Stage!

This artist has high hopes for the future and we can definitely understand why. James Roan is an upcoming musician out of South Florida, with a true to hip hop sound. He is a student of the game to the core and most would refer to him as a real emcee. In times like what the rap game currently is today, the genre has shifted away from the true art form. However, James looks to bring that realness and authenticity back. We need a shift in the culture with good lyrics, songs that make you feel good and don’t diminish the quality. Roan stands by his plan to eradicate all of the “fluff” in today’s hip-hop scene while bringing back the love of music. James grew up in Miami, Florida, being raised by his grandmother. Although he lived in some of the toughest neighborhoods like Carol City, he chose not to become a product of his environment. Instead he chose to put his time and efforts into something that will make him valuable to people. That’s when he discovered he had the talent to write poetry, write and make music. Outside of that he also enjoys Boxing, Cars, Video Games and other hobbies. His smooth approach to his work and dedication are what drives him at the forefront of the next generation of musicians. 

Starting in high school he released his first project “Time Will Tell” followed by his second project “Slowly But Surely” a couple of years later. He then followed up with two full length projects thereafter proving he can be consistent with his work in creating full length projects. He sort of restarted his career at the age of 26, by changing his stage name and rebranding himself. Since then he’s released over a dozen music videos, a few documentaries most of which he filmed, directed and edited himself. Showing he has talents in other areas of art and entertainment. In 2022 he had the opportunity to fly to Atlanta and be featured on “DJ Smallz Eyes” one of the biggest platforms in the entertainment industry. It was there when he mentioned he attended Carol City Middle School with “Yung Miami” of the ‘City Girls’. He is also working and growing his catalog of music, visuals and guest appearances. This will only increase his value as he looks to become one of the premier acts in the realm of music and entertainment for a long time to come!

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