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Is Kona Coffee stronger than Colombian Coffee?

A strong flavourful coffee first thing in the morning is refreshing, energizing and uplifting for most of us. Many others prefer small dosages of coffee at regular intervals throughout the day to remain in calibre and handle everyday chores enthusiastically and effectively. Coffee no doubt is a strong blend of taste and impact and well defined by the caffeine strength of its beans. The strength also alters based on the techniques involved, coffee to water proportions etc. A general myth about coffee is about its colour. It’s generally assumed that dark roasted coffee beans possess stronger aroma, flavour and impact. While in reality, this is completely different. Coffee roasted for longer hours calibrates richer flavour and inherits higher caffeine strength. 

Difference between Kona Coffee and Columbian Coffee 

To avoid concentration loss, light roast prevents coffee’s caffeine from breaking down into tiny elements. Between Kona coffee and Columbian Coffee, let’s now try to find out which one has properties of good strength. 

 Kona Coffee 

  • Kona coffee is primarily gentle and smooth textured with a mild Arabica flavour. This unique flavour provides a semi sweet taste with a rich and extraordinary aroma and no detectable unlikely after tastes.
  • Kona beans are processed under optimal brew ratio in 18-to-1 water to coffee proportion.
  • A Kona coffee cup with a medium to dark roast contains 54 mg of caffeine.
  • Compared to regular Columbian coffee, Kona Coffee has relatively higher quantities of caffeine.

Columbian Coffee

  • An evidently complex flavour profile is the highlight of Columbian beans which are mostly Arabica. Colombian Coffee beans are rich in chocolate, nuts, spices, fruits and zesty levels of acidity factors.
  • They have a velvety undertone with well balanced and medium scents that act gentle on our senses offering a fruity cum spicy combination.
  • The Aero press or Espresso techniques are best suited for brewing Colombian Coffee. For obtaining 2 teaspoons of ground coffee, 0.7 cups of clean and pure water is a prerequisite.
  • Basically lighter than Kona Coffee, caffeine levels in Columbian Coffee range anywhere between 30 mg to 50 mg. 

Global statistics indicate an all time increase in the number of consumers sipping coffee every day. The United States National Coffee Association sponsored Coffee Drinking Trends Study indicates 64% of the population love to intake coffee on an everyday basis. These figures are steadily increasing.  Coffee drinking is not just about the taste of the flavour but an amalgamation of textures, flavours and aromas. Feel the goodness that transcends beyond your cup. Buy Social Brew waialua coffee online  now!