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Is it worth investing in custom software outsourcing?

It’s a question that strikes fear into the hearts of many CTOs and other business leaders: should you try custom software outsourcing or just settle for an off the shelf solution?

The stakes are high because the wrong choice can easily lead to cost overruns, delays, frustration, and ultimately not ending up with the functionality you need.

Making the right choice requires understanding not just the costs and benefits of software outsourcing, but how they fit with your unique needs.

What is custom software outsourcing?

Custom software outsourcing is when you hire a company in a foreign country to produce a custom piece of software. This is typically done in a location with lower labor costs and, ideally, a high number of qualified software developers.

What are the benefits of custom software outsourcing?

It’s best to begin by looking carefully at all the benefits offered by outsourcing custom software development and weigh them against your own needs. These are a few of the most important factors you should consider.

Solutions tailored to your needs

There’s no beating the level of customization available when a piece of software is built specifically to meet your needs. If you have a list of non-negotiable requirements that can’t be met by anything currently on the market, you’re going to need a custom solution.

That said, it’s also worth exploring whether you have some features that you simply assumed wouldn’t be possible. Custom solutions enable you to dream big and really hone in on what capabilities will move the needle for your business.

But building custom software is just as much about what you don’t need as what you do. This route enables you to build something streamlined and focused on delivering precisely what your organization needs.

Better security

Security considerations are paramount for modern businesses. However, standard software used by companies around the world present larger targets for malicious actors. Using this kind of software also means you aren’t in control of how that security is managed.

Custom software solutions, by contrast, put you in control. Whether that’s using a higher standard of encryption, better user authentication, or just being in charge of ensuring regular security patches are created as needed. All of this is particularly important when your stakeholders have specific security needs that may not be met by off the shelf software.

Can be updated as many times as needed

If you’re using a piece of off the shelf software and you need a new feature, chances are you’re out of luck. You can put in a request for that feature to be added, but ultimately you’re just not in control of that decision, meaning you might be stuck having to choose a costly migration to another solution instead.

Because you are the only customer of a custom solution, you always have the option to make modifications, whether that’s to add features, improve security, or simply make a functional change for easier usage. With the pace of change in the business world accelerating faster than ever, that flexibility is becoming more and more valuable to remain effective, efficient, and competitive.

Scalability and Flexibility

An all-too-common trap many businesses fall into is investing in and integrating a software solution only to later learn that it won’t scale with the business. The money you may have saved in choosing that software to begin with can quickly evaporate as resources are diverted to find a new solution.

The same scenario often applies to the need for new features or other adjustments. Today, the only true constant in business is that the environment is going to change and evolve. So ensuring your software can grow and adapt to those changes is more important than ever.

Competitive advantage

If there’s one thing businesses are learning about our increasingly competitive and globalized world it’s that trying to be competitive with the same offerings as everyone else is nearly impossible. Creating powerful software tools to fit your unique needs is one way to foster the competitive advantages your business needs to thrive in this increasingly competitive landscape.

Is it worth investing in custom software outsourcing?

The ultimate choice for your business is always going to come down to weighing the costs and benefits. In particular, it’s important to consider whether the increased flexibility, scalability, security, and customization offered by a custom software solution are worth the investment for your business.

The final factor to consider is the specific custom software development company you’re looking to partner with. Their style of working, long-term support, and history of happy customers should all play a major factor in your choice of vendor.


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