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Is it possible to get same-day dental implants?

While they’re there for practical purposes, our teeth and jaws also have aesthetic importance when it comes to the structure of your face and how you look when you smile. Sadly, lots of people suffer from long-term dental problems that don’t just affect their ability to smile with confidence, but also cause issues with eating, drinking, and speaking properly.

Many of these people will put off seeking treatment out of shame or fear, when there are fully empathetic and professional dental implant providers out there who can help to fix your teeth in as little as one day. A modern solution that’s rising in popularity is “Smile in a Day” implants – so let’s look into what exactly these are, and how it really is possible to get same-day dental implants.

What are “Smile in a Day” dental implants?

Essentially, the term “Smile in a Day” implants is another name for same-day teeth implants.

You might have come across Smile in a Day before when researching fast dental implant solutions. This method is an upgraded version of more traditional “all on four” dental implants, using slimmer prosthetics, which allow for two extra implants in the upper jaw.

These “all on six” style implants are created and fitted in the pterygoid, zygomatic, and nasalus zones on the same day. This permanent fixture allows you to eat, drink, and talk as normal while your jaw heals, before your final life-long set can be fitted a few months later.

Not only are these implants more comfortable, but they’re even more durable, too. It’s not a quick temporary fix, like a denture – these are high-quality implants with a custom dental bridge. As long as you maintain good dental hygiene, you’ll be set for the rest of your life.

Can dental implants really be fitted in one day?

It’s surprising to many people when they find out that it really is possible to have bespoke dental implants made and fitted in just one day.

This is possible because the procedure is carried out by trained experts in a specialist clinic, who have honed their techniques for maximum efficiency – without ever compromising on the quality of the prosthetics or the patient’s comfort.

If you would rather get dental implants in one sitting, this route could be ideal for you. When you attend the clinic for your surgery, you’ll be made as comfortable as possible during tooth extraction, given your own private room to wait for the prosthetics to be made, and then you can walk away with a brand new smile after they’re surgically implanted.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than just a one-day dental implant fitting. You’ll need an initial consultation to determine the viability of the procedure for your teeth and jaws. This involves taking scans and impressions of your mouth, and if you’re a suitable candidate for the surgery, then your implants can be designed using 3D digital software.

Your same-day dental implants will be fitted on your scheduled surgery date, which will take several hours. You’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions from the clinic, then you can go home with your new smile on show. While your mouth heals over the next months, your final dental prosthesis will be created and finished by hand.

This version is slimmer, stronger, and even better-looking than the first set of “Smile in a Day” teeth – so, when you walk away from this final fitting 12-14 weeks later, you won’t be able to stop smiling.

Who can get same-day dental implants?

There are lots of reasons to get “Smile in a Day” dental implants. Loose, damaged, or missing teeth can be a cause of embarrassment for many people, as can ill-fitting dentures. Why let these issues drag your confidence down for years when you could be eating, drinking, and socialising the way you want to with one-day dental implants?

Even if you suffer from severe gum disease and/or bone loss, it doesn’t mean that dentures are your only option. It’s possible to get a permanent dental implant that looks and performs naturally, all in a friendly and comfortable environment with reassuring levels of quality control. It should all be in-house, streamlining the process for your benefit.

Same-day dental implants are a rapidly life-changing solution that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re eligible. They can help to preserve healthy bone, restore the natural shape of your face, improve bite and speech problems, and boost your self-esteem while improving your oral health.

As brilliant as this all sounds, it’s unfortunately the case that not everyone will be eligible for “Smile in a Day” teeth implants. You should only receive this treatment if you need to correct at least one full jaw, and it’s not suitable for mild cases of gum disease, minor cosmetic corrections, or those with a phobia of needles.

This is why it’s necessary to have a consultation first, so the specialists can assess the condition of your teeth and jaw. They’ll only allow you to proceed if a successful outcome is likely. On the plus side, you won’t be left hanging – if you’re one of the rare cases that isn’t suitable for the surgery, they should let you know right away, and direct you towards other options.

How much do same-day dental implants cost?

If you’re interested in this procedure, you might worry that it’s out of your price range. It should reassure you to know that the pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs and flexible payment options that make it more accessible to everyone.

Same-day dental implants are competitively priced, with the cost depending on the type of implant you choose and which jaw it will be fitted to. For example, upper jaws are likely to cost a little more than lower jaws, and both jaws will of course be more expensive than just one.

That said, the Smile in a Day cost is remarkably inexpensive for the level of treatment you receive. You’re getting a quick yet top-quality solution to what can be a chronic and devastating issue, which can truly change all areas of your life.

If you still find the same-day dental implant pricing to be beyond your means, there are finance options available to help you make more affordable monthly payments. This way, you can enjoy your new smile now, and pay for it gradually over time.

Is getting same-day dental implants a good idea?

It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re a good fit for the surgery. Forget about uncomfortable dentures and months of fittings for traditional implants, taking countless days off work – in total, you’ll only need three days for the consultation, the same-day dental implant surgery, and the final prosthesis fitting.

With minimal recovery time, you’ll be showing off your stunning smile before you know it, and the dental issues you struggled with before will be a distant memory. Be sure to contact your local clinic specialising in same-day dental implants to find out whether this procedure is right for you.