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Is Collagen Essential for Skin and Can You Bring it Back?

Sometimes you seem older than you actually are. And this is faster aging for some reason. But the beauty of aesthetics and skin care products give you the privilege to slow the pace. Certainly with the advancement of medical science now you have a wider gamut to choose the real product that dedicatedly keeps the skin bright, healthy, and spot-free! 

Treatments for skin care are many, but the use of serums is pretty evident. However, it’s compulsory for you to always opt for high-quality skin care products especially if you have sensitive skin issues. One of the ideal and result-oriented ways to keep the skin tone balances is the use of serums. 

From brining to hydration, serums are available in multiple ranges. Given that, the collagen serum is something that professionals and expert dermatologists are in favor of. It’s an excellent remedy for a skincare routine when your concern is to look as young as possible.

No doubt knowing the benefits is not enough. With more options, it becomes tough to pick the right band and the right product that goes well, especially for your skin type. There are many alternatives to a single product and that can easily fool you into choosing the wrong one. In this article, we are about to shed light on what is collagen for the skin and do you really need collagen serum on your beauty shelf.

Let’s find out!

What is Collagen in the skin?

Collagen is simply the protein in skin that is almost 80% all above within. Collagen is present in all body tissues, bones, muscles, hair, and skin for sure. Like hyaluronic ace, collagen is also priced naturally by the body as a building block for a healthy body. However, there are up to 28 different types and what it does to maintain the skin’s resilience (elasticity) and overall strength. Talking about facts, each person’s body produces 1% collagen on an annual basis till the age of 20.

Since collagen is almost 30% of the body’s protein it is there to keep the skin tight due to its electric properties. But the sad part here is college does not always remain there. As we age or grow old the level of collagen starts to decrease and that certainly can leave the skin saggy. In short, the lack of collagen in the skin wipes out the youthful complexion.

In addition to that, collagen is the major part of connective tissues that further makes ligaments, muscles, and skin. This is not it, if your skin has an adequate amount of this protein, the wound will heal faster and better. However, older people lack the collagen factor that results in wrinkles and loose skin.

How to get collagen application for skin

You probably want to know the best method for collagen application for skin rejuvenation. Certainly, it’s a natural protein in the skin but when you are over 20 years of age, it starts to break down instated for keeping in ideal form

So if you are leaning onto a skincare routine, the skincare expert says you should use the tropical serum at any time. You can either choose morning or nighttime and that is totally fine. Moreover, you can use the collagen serum or cream application twice a day. But it’s better to ask the dermatologist for precise advice depending on your skin tie and its state.

The best application of collagen methods is always serum or high-quality collagen-based moisture. This will ensure deep hydration and ideal nourishment. You can also use the combination of collagen serum and other essential active ingredients for skin rejuvenation. Your major goal is to protect the collagen and keep its level maintained.

But if you compare collagen intake, many experts agree with its oral intake through supplements.

Collagen Function For Skincare

They say once you are older there is no going back. However, if you have this collagen serum you can drastically challenge this fact or at least keep the pace sluggish.

If the skin is in its best form, bright, spotless, and healthy, it does contribute to one’s appearance. However, its maintenance becomes difficult over time especially when you are aging faster. 

When skin naturally stops producing the essential proteins and acids it results in wrinkles, fine lines, and much more. Therefore it becomes a need to lean into serums, creams, and skincare regimes. So if you are using a serum that is collagen-based, here is how you get the results.

Maintain Elasticity

Collagen serum is highly responsible to keep skin from sagging. It makes sure to boost collagen production and hence skin elasticity remains intact. Moreover, it also keeps under-eye bags and no wrinkles on the skin.

Enhances Brightness and Skin Tone

Collagen serums are known for keeping skin rejuvenated. And hence it brings back the brightness by kicking off the hyperpigmentation, redness, or even inflammation. If you keep using this serum you will gradually cure the dark spots, scars, sun spots, and other imperfections that make you look older.

Helps in Moisturizing

Collagen serums are excellent in keeping the hydration of skin there. Therefore, you don’t have flaky or dry skin that can otherwise promote wrinkles.

Is Collagen Serum Worthwhile?

Collagen serums are not only effective for skin tightening but also for a number of skincare benefits. If you haven’t used this serum, you will certainly see the difference once you include this in your routine.

But you cannot choose any random band for that matter. If you want to get exceptional results, make sure the serum features ultra-properties followed by additional active components like retinoids, antioxidants, or peptides. 

Although these components are not crucial yet it would be ideal if you want deep skin care with cleansing. Choosing the best collagen serum is certainly worthwhile and you can get the solution for sagging skin in less time.

NourishMax is an award-winning brand of face and skin care products. Their high quality products are light and clean while being effective at the same time. They claim that quality is the number one ingredient in all of their products, and they pride themselves on their nutritious formula. NourishMax products provide essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep your skin looking young and healthy. NourishMax is one of the best collagen serums.

Collagen serums are becoming more important and they feature multiple health benefits. Along with collagen formation and production, these serums also bring lasting results that make sure of their value. So when you are buying the serum from the market, always prefer the natural, organic, and chemical-free one. For serums, it’s important that they are organic, under budget and of clusters, and high-quality.

Restore Collagen on Face Naturally

Mother Nature has always been kind to us. If you are seeing less production of collagen in your skin, especially around the face, there are many ways you can restore it without using gamy products. However, we shall only discuss the most effective natural solution that is proven with results.

If you are already a foody person, you have good news here. The chicken skin and gelatinous cuts of meat are rich in collagen and it’s natural. Apart from that, you can obtain it from:


Vitamin C

Using vitamin C or eating foods that feature this is a great way for collagen production. It’s also good for hyaluronic acid build-up. For getting Vitamin C you need to include oranges, red peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and strawberries in your diet more than you used to eat.

Aloe Vera

Everybody agrees that aloe gel is best for the skin. But when you talk about the collage factor, aloe Vera gel is stupendous. From slowing down the aging factor the gel is best when applied topically or orally. You can apply the gel in its pure form or you can use the product that contains it. Either way, the gel would be best for keeping collagen production.

Coriander (Cilantro)

Cilantro or coriander is another ideal natural leaf that helps in collagen production. This herb possesses a source of vitamin C and boosts the production of collagen. It also features linolenic acid and is anti-aging.


Most of the time, skin gets damaged due to oxidation. Therefore, marine plants become highlighted for the cure. You can take it as a supplement and it’s easily available in many health food stores.


You might not know but ginseng actually is anti-aging. It also prevents skin from UVB ray damage from the sun.

Collagen Serum Side Effect

Before using any serum, cream, or supplement, it’s always important to talk to your dermatologist. Mainly cologne serum does not have any side effects. But if you are allergic to any chemical or you have some skin condition it may cause you itching, redness, and skin irritation.

What are the don’ts of restoring collagen in the skin?

When we age, the production of collagen gets minimal. Therefore we have to use some serum, food, or supplement to keep the supply there. 

However, if you are only using serums or medication, there are some limitations or you can say that there are some rules that you must abide by. For instance, keep the skin well moisturized and avoid skin burning in the sun. 

You also must overly tan the skin as it reduces moisture. Also using sunscreen under extreme temperatures and when you are outdoors comes as the recommendation for keeping collagen level and production intact.

Collagen Supplements

When you are talking about collagen intake orally, it’s important to talk to your doctor about it. In some cases, the supplement has shown minor side effect that includes nausea, diarrhea, and upset stomach.

Mainly the collagen supplement is taken from animals and if you are vegan it might not suit you. However, there is no rule for it. Some collagen supplements also feature fish which may not go well for many people, especially for those who have allergy. So you all you need to do are to be watchful of the supplement intake for any possible reaction.