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Is a Waterproof Wall Board Right for Your Home?

Do you want to rebuild your shower but want to avoid dealing with the exorbitant cost of a stone slab wall or the grout that comes with tile? A waterproof wall board may be the answer if you want a low-maintenance shower with great aesthetic appeal.

A design-build remodelling firm assists in creating their ideal bathrooms. As the waterproof wall board is increasingly popular, more customers ask whether this fashionable option suits them. While synthetic shower walls are unsuitable for every design, they are a terrific solution that blends style and cost with low-maintenance materials.

Read on to find out more about waterproof shower wall boards.

Where Can You Find Waterproof Wall Boards?

Shower enclosures with synthetic shower walls are made of waterproof synthetic panels. It is comparable to a slab shower, except that the slab is composed of laminated wood-plastic or PVC/acrylic composite rather than genuine stone or porcelain.

Despite their wood core, laminate shower walls are very water resistant. Many come with 10-year water damage guarantees. This is made feasible by the laminate outer shell. The exterior shell is also available in various designs and styles, ranging from solid colours to stone and wood grain patterns.

How Do Wall Panels Get Installed?

The installation of a waterproof wall board is a straightforward operation. Each item is secured to the wall using a unique glue. Individual panels are connected using a tongue-and-groove technique, which eliminates the need for grout. Most manufacturers suggest installing synthetic shower wall panels atop a waterproof backer board.

Synthetic materials cannot be used on the shower floor since they are intended for wall usage and are not certified for load-bearing capability. Consequently, you’ll need to choose a different material for the shower floor. Many individuals choose a prefabricated shower pan, available in various conventional sizes but may restrict personalisation. A tile floor or a stone shower pan is another common choice. Though more costly, they provide more shower forms and sizes.

What Differs Shower Wall Panels From Other Showers?

A waterproof wall board provides a distinct purpose in the shower remodelling industry. This shower type, considered a mid-tier choice, strikes a good compromise between aesthetic attractiveness, price, and ease of upkeep.

Synthetic shower walls provide a considerably stronger aesthetic and more size flexibility than fibreglass inserts. The floor material’s size is the shower wall’s most restricting aspect.

Custom tile showers provide unequalled customisation at the cost of being more costly. Synthetic shower walls are less costly and simpler to install than tile. Tile showers also include grout that has to be cleaned. Synthetic showers, which utilise caulk instead, need less upkeep.

Synthetic showers are most comparable to stone slab showers in look and function. Both are available in huge panels that resemble stone. The biggest difference is expense; slab showers are sometimes twice as expensive as synthetic showers.


Take the next step in your research now that you know more about waterproof wall board shower systems! You don’t have to do it alone if you’re ready to start building the bathroom of your dreams! Call the best remodelling company to walk you through every stage of the remodelling process, from initial design thoughts to the final product.

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