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IRDAI Requirements to Become an Insurance Agent


If you’re attempting to ride this money wave through work, becoming an insurance agent is one of the simplest careers you might choose. Insurance agents represent the insurer as their final point of contact with the individual investor.

The benefits to become an insurance agent online for a insurance company or general insurance provider are numerous in terms of money, relationships, and self-interest. There will also be information available on how to obtain insurance and how to work as an insurance provider.

Who is a Licenced Insurance Agent?

It is a method of risk management that was first used to reduce the threat of an unforeseen or unexpected loss. Through an insurance agent, a person contacts an insurance provider. They help clients find insurance plans that are perfect for them, prepare all necessary documentation, and support policyholders during the life of the policy.

How Can One Become an Insurance Agent Under IRDAI?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India (IRDAI) webpage is used to register individuals interested in working as insurance agents. On the IRDAI website, there are study tools that agents can utilise to better comprehend and recognise how to become insurance agents. Learning how to become insurance agent in india can be advantageous for pensioners, homemakers, and other people wishing to supplement their income.

To register, forms must be filled out, and the registration fee has to be paid online. After enrolling, the applicant will receive information about the date and time of the insurance agent exam. The study resources support English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Gujrati, and Punjabi among other languages.

Many individuals feel becoming an insurance agent is a fulfilling and stress-free profession. It is possible to set your hours and work from home rather than being restricted to a desk.

Requirements to Become an Insurance Agent

  • One must comprehend the following key terms to become an IRDAI insurance agent:
  • Minimum age of 18 years is required.
  • The applicant must have successfully finished the 12th grade.
  • Also required is passing the IRDA test, which stands for Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Exam.
  • The provision of an insurance policy is subject to state licencing requirements. Agents offering life, casualty, or property insurance need a different licence.

Documentation Needed for an Insurance Agent

Before one can work as an insurance agent, one must first contact the insurance industry. After that, submit your application in the proper format together with your financial records. Here are the documents:

  • Proof of identity (Copy of Aadhar card)
  • Proof of address (Copy of PAN CARD)
  • A transcript from your most recent passing of an exam.

IRDAI Process to Become an Insurance Agent

Enrolment process

You must first complete a brief registration form on the internet to register as an insurance agent. The article’s list of documents is available for submission on the IRDAI webpage.


Additionally, you must receive a pass mark of 17 out of 50 on the IRDA Pre-Licensing Online Exam. There are only rational questions being asked.

Training Process – Online or Offline

You must take a 25-hour classroom or e-learning course after registering. A certification will be given to you upon completion. Every aspect of the insurance sector is covered in the course.

Summing up

Insurance involves a step-by-step screening-based process, a lot of internal practice, and the IRDA exam.

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