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Introducing Recz: The Revolutionary Social Media Recommendations App that Transcends Traditional Scrolling



Chicago, Illinois, United States, May, 23, 2023 – In light of fast-growing active internet users, Recz, a recommendation-based social app by Recz Leadership Team, will come as an exclusive platform for people that excites their internet scrolling with meaningful curated content shared by trusted networks.

Recz is a recommendation-based social media platform backed by authentic recommendations from your trusted connections. The application features an array of categories like restaurant, fashion, movies, travel, books, stocks, cosmetics, and more that lists what’s trending in each of these sections. All the recommendations on the above categories are from your friends, family, or peers, which makes this app a safe bubble of reliable content shared by close-knit people.

As your family, friends, peers, or mentors star-rate their favorites on the app, you get to see what’s brewing and know it’s reliable feedback. Recz inspires community-building and fosters meaningful internet consumption when mindlessly scrolling in fear of missing out is becoming the new normal.

“The US harbors one of the largest active internet users globally. We want to replace people’s mindless scrolling with an engaging application that empowers their everyday decision-making around relaxing products and content consumption,” says Recz Leadership Team. “Recz is fun and pools people together as they know more about one another. It will be the most interactive and versatile social media app that connects you with people and their recommendations with its organized user interface. We are sure to win hearts,” they added.

Recz’s leadership team in the US is all geared to launch the app in both the US and Indian markets to analyze its viability. The app is slated to launch on 19th May 2023 and shall be available to its users on both iOS and Android devices.

Recz can be a breakthrough amongst global AIU (active internet users) who base their everyday decisions on feedback and recommendations. Featuring diverse and most-searched categories with authentic end-user feedback (your known people), the app shows the potential to grow big in the Facebook and Instagram-dominated world. The categorically organized content adds to the functionality and user-centricity. Users can explore the highly recommended – all at one place and post theirs too. The app clearly speaks of innovation in every way!

The makers have finally announced the launch date of the highly anticipated app designed to change the way you scroll. After months of dedicated development and rigorous testing, the Recz app is now available to download for iOS and Android users from 19th May 2023 onwards.

The app is poised to revolutionize the Indian market by filling a void of access to personalized recommendations in various categories such as fashion, food, travel, books, stocks, and more. A paradigm shift to how Indians make their daily choices based on random Internet suggestions, Recz is here to enrich your social media content and simplify decision-making with authentic suggestions from people you trust.

Recz aims to help you make your next best decision by leading to mindful internet scrolls.

Click on the link to download the Recz App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1582034985



Company: Recz Inc.

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Website: https://www.therecz.com

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