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Interesting small business ideas

Starting a business is all people want to do these days. Being an entrepreneur was the fast path to success for Millenials. For Generation Z, that path to success was to become an influencer but recently it has come to their attention that being an influencer is another path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Influencers these days are not just influencers anymore. Sure they still have the platform on social media, but they use that platform to start their own businesses and they themselves are the brand.

If you are interested in becoming a small business owner but aren’t interested in going through the influencer path and you feel like you have no ideas that can be successful as a business, fret not. You found this very helpful and inspiring blog post that will give you some interesting ideas for a small business.


This is a tricky business to get into but if you are able to get into the wellness market, there is a great opportunity to succeed. The wellness economy/market is defined as an industry that enables consumers to integrate wellness activities and lifestyles into their day-to-day lives. A great example of this is the CBD market. CBD has blown up in popularity due to its positive effects on anxiety and stress and lots more. Of course, you won’t be able to produce the CBD yourself so you will have to find a wholesaler that you trust. A good one worth checking out is Candropharm, not only do they produce high-quality CBD products with 0% THC, but they offer businesses the opportunity to order bulk private label CBD so your own logo and designs will be on the product. This will allow you to sell the CBD products you order as soon as you get them.

Handy person

Your small business does not have to be selling a product, a very successful way for you to become an entrepreneur is to offer your local environment a service. Not only can you be successful but this can provide great help to your community. If you know you are good at fixing essential things around the house, you can offer to help anyone willing to pay for your services with some help around their homes as well. You can look up ways you can get certified to add some trust to your services, but also some countries or cities require you to have a license before starting a business like this one.


Being a freelancer is one of the most popular ways people have become entrepreneurs. They offer the service they are good at for a price. You need to have some major self-discipline to be a freelancer because you are essentially your own boss. You make up your own hours and you choose your own projects. You are your own small business. To become a freelancer you have to prove that you can do what you say you can, by building a portfolio you provide proof to potential clients that you are right for the job. If you are talented at graphic designing which is a skill many companies really search for, they will pay a good amount of money for a person with those skills.