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Inspired Insurance Solutions Expands Remote Sales Team

Atlanta, GA, July 3, 2023 Insurance brokerage Inspired Insurance Solutions is expanding its remote workforce. The onboarding of new talent is part of a greater effort to enhance their service capabilities and offer a more comprehensive suite of insurance solutions.

Inspired Insurance Solutions will use their remote-work model to support improved work-life balance for employees, leading to more morale, productivity, and job satisfaction.

The company’s decision to expand its remote team was partially based on research published in the Journal of Business Research (2023) suggesting that insurance companies embracing remote work models witness higher employee retention rates and a broader talent pool.

Expanding its remote team helps Inspired Insurance Solutions mirror the post-pandemic shifts in work culture. A study by Boston Consulting Group (2021) noted that 75% of employees in high-functioning remote teams felt more engaged and experienced improved productivity, suggesting a favorable outcome for the firm’s decision.

“Virtual collaboration tools foster team collaboration, critical to Inspired Insurance Solutions’ focus on enhancing team collaboration. By using advanced digital tools for video conferencing, project management, and real-time document collaboration, the organization can streamline communication and project execution, the big picture behind our move to remote working,” founder Jessi Park explains.

In terms of business continuity and customer service, research by Gartner (2023) supports Inspired Insurance Solutions’ transition. The study shows that companies with a robust remote infrastructure could effectively maintain customer service levels during unforeseen circumstances.

Inspired Insurance Solutions has also recently relocated its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia, one of the nation’s most popular business hubs. This relocation aligns with the firm’s growth trajectory and helps to solidify its position in the industry. The company’s next goal is to increase its net annualized premium to $250 million within the next five years.

About Inspired Insurance Solutions

Inspired Insurance Solutions is a nationwide brokerage based in Atlanta, Georgia, that offers comprehensive health, life, medicare, and annuity services. With a diverse and broad-reaching client base spread across the United States, the firm provides a suite of services that encompass several high-demand areas of insurance. In addition, the firm offers annuities and services that assist in financial planning.



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