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Influencers Economy Forum Press Conference: Creative Director Zilian Li and Rong Huang Lead the Innovative Wave of Digital Marketing

As an industry bellwether, the reflections and insights sparked by the Influencer Economy Forum will resonate far beyond the conference room. As more people recognize the immense potential of live-stream e-commerce and short video marketing, the Influencer economy is poised to become a vital force driving economic recovery and facilitating the transformation of brick-and-mortar businesses. This forum has sounded a resounding rallying call for the development of the Influencer economy, fueling aspirations for a successful baton pass.

On April 2, 2023, the Influencer Economy Alliance, in partnership with various organizations, hosted the Influencer Economy Forum at the Sheraton Grand Los Angeles, officially announcing the establishment of the Influencer Economy Alliance. The Alliance will integrate active influencers, quality MCNs, suitable brands and product suppliers, competitive logistics systems, and overseas warehouses to construct a complete industry chain and closed-loop ecosystem, forming a new economic growth engine. The Alliance also launched the Bemy Award to honor outstanding Influencersies, aiming to become the most influential industry accolade.

The forum attracted nearly a thousand prominent guests, including Congresswoman Judy Chu, Wang Qi, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Director of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, and representatives from California State Treasurer Fiona Ma and local city mayors and councilmembers. The event gathered nearly 100 active influencers, over 100 quality product suppliers, and around 50 large logistics and warehousing companies. Extensive media coverage further amplified the event’s prominence, highlighting the Influencer economy’s powerful momentum and widespread attention.

As the branding and promotion strategy expert for the forum, Creative Director of the event Zilian Li’s outstanding brand positioning capabilities and profound understanding of the Influencer Economy ecosystem laid a solid foundation for the event’s success. She crafted the brand slogan “Focusing on the Influencer Economy, Leading the Future of the Industry” and developed a multi-dimensional, comprehensive brand promotion plan. Collaborating closely with the content team, she designed thought-provoking topics aligning with the brand tonality for the forum and sub-forums, inviting top Influencersies with strong personal brand appeal as speakers to spark greater audience interest and engagement.

As an experienced branding expert, Zilian Li has accumulated exceptional professional skills and industry insights in this field. Her keen judgment on the branding development of the Influencer economy allows her to formulate distinctive yet effective brand strategies. Additionally, she possesses outstanding resource integration and cross-disciplinary collaboration abilities, ensuring efficient and high-quality implementation of brand promotion plans. It is precisely due to these core strengths that Zilian Li was invited by the organizing committee to serve as the brand consultant for this forum. Leveraging innovative branding concepts and communication tactics, she ingeniously integrated hot Influencers economy topics and industry characteristics, crafting an eye-catching forum brand image that gained widespread recognition.

As another of the creative directors of the Influencer Economy Forum, Rong Huang fully leveraged his professional abilities and innovative thinking in marketing planning and execution. His precise grasp of market trends and industry needs enabled him to design a forward-looking forum theme and agenda that resonated with the target audience. The theme “Influencer Economy: Opportunities and Challenges” directly addressed pressing issues, evoking widespread resonance. The agenda closely followed hot topics such as “The Future of Live Streaming E-commerce” and “New Content Marketing Models,” drawing significant attention. Huang invited top influencers and industry leaders to share insights, further enriching the event. The innovative breakout sessions allowed attendees to choose based on their interests.


Rong Huang’s selection as the creative director for this high-profile Influencer Economy Forum was largely due to his extensive experience and innovative mindset in the marketing field. As a seasoned marketing professional, he excels not only in accurately grasping market trends but also in outstanding creative design capabilities. Huang is adept at skillfully blending diverse cultural elements to create works that are both culturally profound and appealing to the masses. This cross-cultural design talent not only fostered intercultural exchange and understanding but also contributed to promoting inclusivity in a multicultural society. His involvement undoubtedly added more highlights and professionalism to the forum, further underscoring the organizers’ emphasis and meticulous preparation.

Zilian Li and Rong Huang will continue leading the “Brand Building and Marketing Innovation Integration Project” as creative directors, leveraging their strengths to drive breakthroughs in this cross-disciplinary endeavor. They plan to deepen the integration of brand building and marketing promotion, exploring cutting-edge technologies and creative thinking applications to achieve seamless alignment and mutual empowerment.

Building on the inaugural project’s experience, Zilian Li and Rong Huang will capitalize on their strengths in subsequent editions, undertaking bolder innovations in areas like brand positioning, visual design, and communication creativity. Under their guidance, this project is poised to shine brighter, with innovative marketing strategies rooted in brand insights and cutting-edge brand building becoming key drivers of sustainable brand development.

Zilian Li, the Creative Director at Astrora, will focus on identifying and nurturing young talents passionate about the intersection of branding and marketing. With Astrora’s expertise in creative thinking and consumer-centric strategies, Zilian Li will guide these talented individuals to contribute fresh perspectives and bold ideas to the field, fostering a culture of innovation within the project.

Rong Huang, the Creative Director at Global Store Supply Inc., will utilize the company’s strengths in cutting-edge technology and cross-disciplinary collaboration to drive the project forward. Rong Huang will work on integrating advanced technologies seamlessly into branding and marketing strategies, creating immersive and engaging experiences for consumers.

Together, Astrora and Global Store Supply Inc will continue to support the “Brand Building and Marketing Innovation Integration Project” as collaborative partners, providing the necessary resources and expertise to ensure its success. With the steadfast commitment and creative vision of Zilian Li and Rong Huang, the project is set to become a long-standing platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation, making significant contributions to the evolution of the branding and marketing industry.